An automated home: Smartthings and Sonos

as we continue to explore the capabilities of the smart things hub, we now bring together the ST hub and the Sonos music system. in this video I talk about how to create speaker sound notifications for different events that are triggered in the automated home. We talk about the Sonos features and how this two great devices work so well together. the possibilities for the Smartthings hub are limitless.

16 Replies to “An automated home: Smartthings and Sonos”

  1. Michael Pope

    So much easier to use than the Vera Lite I used to have.>>>    I had no problems pairing with my Z wave devices. Works good with Alexa to control my lights but need some tech skills to be able to open/close garage door and lock/unlock doors. Wish it worked better with my cell phone as a presence sensor but Life360 seems to be working instead.

  2. santana1224

    Great video. I just got the smart things and try to do the same thing with the sonos . I have a playbar and play 5, but when I search under music and sound I didn't get the option for speaker notify with sound.. and also I only saw samsung and Bose speakers when I try to add my sonos. If anyone knows please help…thank you

  3. 10p6

    I tried the Sonos with my ST setup about 6 months ago, but it only ever said 1 word. I do not know if this was a ST issues or what, but I returned it. I am hoping that one day someone will create a Z-wave TTS speaker, and that Echo will support ST TTS. I am not a big fan of having another WiFi device having to communicate with ST, when a Z-Wave TTS would be much better integrated.

  4. Miguel Mercado

    I have a similar setup with ST. Instead of an actual alarm, I have the lights of the room dim to 30% and have SONOS start playing music from a preset playlist. Its pretty cool. Have multiple things going on with the 5:00 am trigger. Good job.

  5. Kyle Newton

    can you play notifications from smartthings to multiple sonos speakers at one time? for example, can you have your "front door" notification play on ALL sonos speakers when the door opens?

  6. YouTube LT

    Hi great videos in getting into the home automation, I would like to see a video of the apps that you use and the smartthings apps that you have set up thanks and keep the video rolling!.!.!.

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