Amazon Echo tips, tricks and Easter Eggs – Getting started with Alexa

If you’ve recently bought yourself an Amazon Echo, you might not have discovered everything you can do with it yet. Cam takes you through some basic tips and tricks to get you started. From changing the wake word, to setting up routines and connecting auxiliary speakers.

Amazon Echo Easter Eggs:
Amazon Echo tips:

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22 Replies to “Amazon Echo tips, tricks and Easter Eggs – Getting started with Alexa”

  1. Griff Evans

    A few years ago they would cart you off to the funny farm for talking to yourself! Now they make you pay to do it. Are we becoming so lazy we can't even turn the lights or coffee machine on and off. Maybe we need to get out more!

  2. Johnny

    Why do people buy this junk is beyond me. It's straight up a recording device of all your conversations. When we know everything is being recorded, we are less likely to speak freely and act individually. When we are constantly under the threat of judgment, criticism, and correction for our actions, we become fearful that either now or in the future date we leave behind will be brought back to implicate us. In response, we do nothing out of the ordinary. We lose our individuality and society stagnates. We don't question or challenge power. We become obedient and submissive. We're less free.

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