Amazon Echo Plus review: Alexa, meet Zigbee

The Echo Plus can connect directly with Zigbee devices — but it can’t do very much with them.
Amazon Echo Plus review –

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17 Replies to “Amazon Echo Plus review: Alexa, meet Zigbee”

  1. lastfanstanding999

    All Alexa devices are all so out of date by 15 years or more,
    1. should have rechargeable battery,
    2. should be like all GPS devices around the world, meaning it should work ANYWHERE and without a dam app !!!
    3. its a very Cheesy device !!! another Amazon scam !!!

  2. Vijay kumar

    I have returned echo Plus within 24 hours due to awful quality of speakers. Setting up already paired hue bulbs are too complicated. Need to remove bulbs enter serial number manually. Even after all pain no colour palette in the app. So usage is very limited. Coming back to speakers my respect for “Dolby powered” buried forever.

  3. CoolRaul

    Why would they put zigbee instead of the most popular and by far the more useful Z-Wave technology. If they did that this thing would be a homerun! Right now your normal Alexa device has to talk to a hub like smattthings and that device turn on/off devices.
    Nobody uses zigbee, not directly it's mind blowing, it is like putting an 802.11b Wi-Fi radio in that thing instead of an 802.11ac, yes they work but it is an old technology and barely supported

  4. Julian Garcia

    This quote in the full article made me cancel my preorder. People should be aware –
     "Another shortcoming — the Echo Plus can't really do anything with things like motion detectors, open/closed sensors for doors and windows, leak detectors, sirens, and other common Zigbee devices. You can pair them with the Echo Plus and see them in the app, but you can't use the app to automate them alongside your lights, locks, thermostats and other Alexa-friendly devices. For now, they're just dead weight, which undercuts the Echo Plus' smart hub appeal even further."

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