Amazon Echo Look Review

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22 Replies to “Amazon Echo Look Review”

  1. @1ICHIR0

    so many basement dwellers who are shocked+surprised to learn how popular instagramming your fit for the day is. it’s not hurting anyone, get off your “no fun allowed” horse and let people live their life. that said, this looks like the most pointless amazon product since the fire phone tbh

  2. Oliver Banasiak

    Did you really just say "Saving me time from taking my morning selfie"? Wow, the pace of de-evolution of our minds and the increase of ego is rapidly increasing exponentially. This is worrying me immensely.

  3. Viktor Vyncke

    Hahaha you have to be kidding me, who would pay for this. As a consumer you're paying to let amazon have a look in your closet. You get absolutely nothing in return, just a shitty picture with blurred borders and more spam. Amazon: we saw your outfit from yesterday: do you want to buy this matching sweater 😉

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