Amazon Echo Lights Hack! – Home Automation

Here is how I setup my Amazon Echo around my house in particular to turn ON and OFF lights by saying “Alexa, turn ON lights”. Let me know if you guys want to see more Home Automation videos?

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24 Replies to “Amazon Echo Lights Hack! – Home Automation”

  1. Jared Braun

    I’m glad I found this. I was just thinking it’d be nice to be able to just say turn light on/off and it automatically know what room I’m in. I have an echo dot in every room so this should be easy.

  2. dper11

    Did not understand. So I buy an echo and I can control the lights in every room of the house? It seems as if a step is missing somewhere. Buy an echo, install, download the app on phone, verbally command to turn on the light. Yes?

  3. Juan Sanchez

    Awesome hack!! I knew about groups but thought it only referred to grouping same lights together. But your hack allows me to group any groups of lights within ANY room I tell it group. Love!Love!Love!

  4. Stephen Nutt

    When I try this, Alexa says "Several things share that name" and asks me to specify. All three switches in Living Area group are set to "lights" as another commenter mentioned. I don't have any devices named "lights". Any suggestions?

  5. Tom Lally

    My friend has re invented the light switch that works with amazon echo. But it’s all in built in the switch itself. (Smart switch) But looks like an ordinary switch. It’s called Den. I’ve totally invested in it. Much peace and love.

  6. Kevin Fleming

    I have a bunch of Hue Lights and no matter what I try I still have to call out the room name first! Is there a way I could just say lights. I watched your video set up groups and I still have to call out the name first

  7. Chirag Patel

    Great video. Didn't know this was possible until now. I have both echo and Google home. Still not decided on which one I should expand around the house. If this feature possible on the Google home?

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