Amazon Echo – How to change Alexa’s accent & Language. British, Deutsch (German) and USA.

In this video I walk you through changing Alexa’s language and accent. You can select between English (United States), English (United Kingdom) and Deutsch.

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  1. SkegakisInc

    jsyk, they just released alexa in Japan officially a few days ago. Just used the PC webapp and was able to change the language to Japanese. Boom Japanese in and out. Alexa doesn't understand English when it's set to Japanese tho. And Pandora doesn't work, despite the fact I'm using my US amazon account. With my timezone set to Tokyo (my ip there as well), and language set to English I still get Pandora access. Guess that means language setting determines the available services, rather than account region or ip…weird.

  2. Dávid Kristóf

    Great video. I need some help. I live in germany but i don't speak german as good as english. Does Echo works in germany if i speak to her in english? Can i ask her play music, order things, check the weather etc. ? I live in germany and i use the german amazon store. What about Alexa's skills. i've read people are complaining about that she lacks skills in Germany. Does it worth to buy an Echo if i'm not native german and want to speak english with her?

  3. Knuckles Dragon

    What I wish is that the device would offer services by location rather than accent. I cannot get Alexa to do certain things because even though I am in the USA I want her to use a U.K. accent. I have spoken to Amazon about this and they gave me the impression that because she uses the UK accent Alexa thinks she must be in the U.K. and will not allow certain strictly American skills…. like replaying the monologue from the most recent "TONIGHT SHOW" for instance……

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