Amazon Echo Dot vs Echo 2 vs Echo Plus – Best Smart Speaker?!

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Amazon Echo Dot vs Echo 2 vs Echo Plus – Best Smart Speaker?! Ever since the Echo Plus and 2nd Gen Echo were released, we’ve been receiving some requests for an Amazon Echo 2nd Gen vs Echo Dot vs Echo Plus. In this video, Jeff walks you through the main differences between these three Amazon smart speakers. Obviously, the Echo Dot is the most affordable, so if you’re on a budget that’s the way to go. The new Amazon Echo 2 has a better speaker system than the original Echo. The Amazon Echo 2019 also has a nicer design than the previous version. Lastly, the Echo Plus is best for heavy smart home device users since it basically has a Zigbee smart hub inside. Obviously, all three devices are very popular. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or two of these smart home speakers land on the list for Best Smart Speaker 2019. Hope you enjoyed this Best Amazon Smart Speaker video.

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42 Replies to “Amazon Echo Dot vs Echo 2 vs Echo Plus – Best Smart Speaker?!”

  1. Richard Lamoreaux

    I would recommend getting the Amazon echo first generation. You can still find the first generation. I just saw it advertised on Amazon for $49. They were $200 when they were new. Of all of these this probably has the best sound quality.

  2. Richard Lamoreaux

    The echo Dot has both blue tooth and a "line out" port. Therefore it connects easily to an apartment size stereo system. The Dot is in my bedroom always connected to the Stereo system. I then ask it to pair with my tablet. It then plays my tablet seamlessly through my stereo.

  3. Mike Crane

    can you tell it to play music for s certain period of time? like play country music for 45 minutes? Also if you have multiple echos, when you tell it to play music can you have it play on all echos? like fill the house with music?

  4. Gabriel Lopez

    Hi, nice videos, very informative, but… I think you are going to aggresive with your sells website promotions, and "the links", everybody knows that you are going to put your links at the descriptions, is not necessary to tell that 10 times in each video. Every time I see one of your videos I feel you are pushing me to hard to go there, I it gets anoying at the point that I don't want to hear you again telling me the same thing an eventualy leave your channel. I think you can be more soft on that and don't make me feel that you only want my money (from the commisions), so… It is a constructive critic.
    Thank you.

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