Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen vs Google Home Mini

Amazon answered the Google Home Mini this year with the new Echo Dot 3. Here’s a look at their main differences, plus a side-by-side audio / music comparison.

NEW Amazon Echo Dot

Echo Dot + Amazon Smart Plug

Echo Sub

Google Home Mini

NEW Google Home Hub

Demo Music: Burner by Gunnar Olsen

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22 Replies to “Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen vs Google Home Mini”


    I returned the 3-pack Google Mini(s) I purchased from Costco due to 1 (Yes, One) feature that Google FAILED which is the communication feature. With Alexa, you simply say “Alexa, Drop-In (name the other Dot)” and then you can have a continuous 2-way communication until you end it. With Google Mini, you have to say “Hey, Google…Broadcast (then say what you want to communicate)” and Google will broadcast to ALL devices which is fine, but if you SPECIFICALLY want to ONLY communicate with a specific unit, you cannot. So for me…ECHO DOT WINS!!

  2. shah reza

    echo dot gen 3 is good with sound but google home mini is way better at giving information. I have a gen 2 and whenever i ask questions it gives me a answer 75 percent of the time while google always gives you a answer.

  3. adriano raffaele

    I have both the echo dot 2nd and third gen and a google home mini. I can’t choose between them they both are similar but do both have pros and cons. At the price I’d get both and live with both or use it to evaluate both and sell on the device you feel isn’t for you.

  4. Bill Dineen

    wish you did a software comparison which is ultimatley why we are buying these things. audio is just side note since you can connect them to better speakers. software is the real comparison

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