Amazon Alexa, Logitech Harmony Hub and IFTTT – Setup Guide

A guide for setting up Amazon Alexa to voice control your home theater using a Harmony Hub and IFTTT.
Logitech Harmony Hub:

Vizio E55-E2:

Amazon Echo Dot:

Phillips Hue LED Light Strip:


29 Replies to “Amazon Alexa, Logitech Harmony Hub and IFTTT – Setup Guide”

  1. TimeCrisis

    Super helpful video, thank you for taking the time to explain this. I was wondering if there was a way to hear Alexa through your speaker system regardless of the input? For example, I have a 5 inputs that I am setting up: several gaming systems, Steam Link and a Chrome Cast. I want to be able to command and hear back responses from Alexa over each input. Appreciate your help!

  2. Heather Jackson

    Is there a way to create an activity on the harmony that makes Alexa navigate with the remote (i.e. go left or right or press ok)? I’m having a lot of trouble finding a way to do that.

  3. spencer schmid


    I have the same setup (harmony hub, echo dot), and I created my applets in IFTTT. Whenever I try to trigger these applets via Alexa, it says "sorry, I don't see that IFTTT trigger". Have you experienced this, or know of a solution?

  4. Jon snoon

    If I have two hubs, one which is located upstairs controlling the TV, and one located in the basement control the TV and I have to Echo dots one located upstairs in the other also located downstairs. If I give the command to turn tv on will it turn both of my tv's on? Or do I have to give them specific names for each TV.

  5. Lewis Manners

    Hi. Your vids are great and helping me out a lot. One thing I'm trying to set up is talking to Alexa so that I can then play back through my av speakers like you have but for some reason I noticed you have echo setup as a device in your harmony account. I have an Echo and I out Amazon in as device and I found model no under echo cover put it in but it is not finding it. Anything you know that I'm doing wrong here? Thanks.

  6. Farhan Janjua

    Is it possible for IFTT to set a series of activities for one ORDER? So say you wanted to turn on the xbox-it turns on the xbox and then the TV also? Otherwise I will have to ask Alexa to turn on the xbox and then turn on the tv? Thanks

  7. asmithdesn150

    I've heard the voice of Almighty AMAZON… I'm here to spread the word on GOOGLE and MICROSOFT and APPLE and unite all dominions, under one truth:

  8. John Rash

    This is a great video, I am just getting into home automation and it isn't very clear to me that I can remember from watching your video but hopefully the answer is easy. Does the Harmony Hub know all of the devices already such as "Xbox" "TV" "Playstation" meaning it knows their specific IR codes and no other relays, smart plugs, etc are required.. Is this a correct assumption?

  9. J NG

    I have a really nice set of 2.1 PC speakers and I'm trying to set something up very similar to your bedroom setup, except instead of an Xbox, its TiVo. Currently, I have to switch channels on my speakers back and forth between echo and the TV depending on which one I want to use. Is your system setup so that you can talk to Alexa and play Xbox with the sound coming from your speakers? And i'd assume a Bluetooth transmitter is required for the speakers to hook up to harmony? Your help is greatly appreciated.

  10. Tareq Al Mutawa

    hey buddy, great video thank for explaining it and walking us through.
    What I would like to ask is does the ifft app have specific products like tv and such or it can work on all non smart tvs?

  11. Chris Stigas

    Hi that's a great video can you please make one on how to add that second bedroom Hub step-by-step? I have one TV in the living room and the exact same TV in the bedroom and I am trying to do what you did with the two zones. Thank you

  12. Mike B

    Thanks for the video, have a quick question. If I buy the Harmony Hub, can I set up the Dot to be on the same input as my surround sound TV so if I ask a question and I am hearing the TV on my surround sound speakers Alexa can hear and reply? Currently, I have to switch inputs to hear Alexa.

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