AMAZING RESULT: Very Dirty Jaguar I-PACE Gets Full Detail & Very Special PPF Installation.

In this video we will detail the just released Jaguar I-PACE that entered our workshop VERY DIRTY. We will perform a FULL Detail, apply a very special PPF: ‘Bodyguard Stealth Of Matte’ and put the famous Mayvinci Ayanmo coating on this car.

from 1:00 to 1:15 I am pointing out sanding spots.

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0:59 – Check Paint Condition At Arrival
2:02 – Wash Stage Of The Jaguar
3:55 – Check Paint Defects Caused By Bird Droppings
5:28 – Polishing & Preparing Jaguar For Special PPF
7:15 – Removing The Badges
8:34 – Installing The Bodyguard Stealth Of Matte PPF
11:16 – Applying New Badges & End Result Inside
12:03 – End Result 

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45 Replies to “AMAZING RESULT: Very Dirty Jaguar I-PACE Gets Full Detail & Very Special PPF Installation.”

  1. Joe Kingman

    I saw a chemical at 2:20 for pre-wash step, and what kind & name of that liquid. how to dilute it ??? is it effective if my car have layer of sealant, wax or wax contain ceramic…? And how to get a back gloss Jag logo like that.? thanks

  2. The Paint Slayer

    ❄ day here in my part of the world… Catching up on your videos… Always love the professionalism of how you perform your services.. Helps me strive to always learn and perfect my detailing skills.. Have learned many tricks of the trade from you over the years. Keep up the good work.

  3. Biaritz Siroko

    I know you guys are too busy but would be great if you and the guy who is doing the wrapping doing your own private cars in a separate video! Especially if it is a bit of an older car that would be excellent and ofcourse you both deserve to Ride and Shine as well!! 😉

  4. Anders Hanevold

    How did you solve applying PPF on the rear hatch? In the video it looks like you applied a separat piece of PPF on the "spoiler", does that mean that you applied one large piece covering the rest of the rear hatch, going around the spoiler? Or did you split it in two pieces, one above and one below the "spoiler"?

  5. R m

    Great turn around!
    Just think how bad the swirls would have been if the car dealer had washed the car! ?
    I bet the owner was extremely happy with all your work. ?

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