Amazing Drone Recoveries

Oh the adventure of finding a lost drone.

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29 Replies to “Amazing Drone Recoveries”

  1. GODsaveTHEcat

    I remember my first FPV flight attempt. It was evening and I just wanted to test out my Frankenstein micro drone. Tiny whoops where barely a thing. I think my drone was an inductrix board with 7mm motors on a hubsan toy frame with some balsa wood to attach the battery and vtx. I was exited that I put it together and wanted a quick test outside. Either way I was in te middle of my uni football field I put my googles on, punch the throttle and immediately got confused, so I killed the motor. I though I hit the ground so took out the googles and tried to find my little franken drone… it was stuck on a tree at the far end of the field. There was no end to my panic, I was an exchange student in UK, my funds were slim, I spend a lot of them on building that thing and now it was stuck on a tree. I tried to free it up, but the battery died, the LEDs went dark and I couldn't see it anymore. So I collected all the broomsticks from student accommodation that I found 6 of them, all aluminium and around 1.5m long . I woke up at 5 to poke the bugger out of the tree before my classes started. So I was standing there, taping together broomsticks, poking the tree, adding another broomstick to the pole and poking the tree again, rinse and repeat until I had a 7m long wobbly pole. All of this attracted attention of some garden workers who were planting some stuff around the campus. I explained to them what is going on and they blocked the little street adjacent to the field and start helping me out with the recovery. They had hi-viz vests, road cones and a truck, it looked like a professional rescue effort 😀 It took us maybe 15 minutes to finally get the tiny drone down and I don't think I could do it without them. So thank you garden workers from Cranfield you are awesome 🙂

  2. Sebastian Ghinaglia

    Great video!
    I used to work at a small drone shop in a mall, I'd basically be flying small drones all day to get the publics attention.
    One day I was doing small loops around a horizontal support structure almost at roof height and got the drone stuck up there.
    I had to make use of zip ties and paperclips to make something like you did, a stick and a hook and see if i could fly the other one down.
    What ended up happening was me pushing the second drones batteries to the limit and it also getting stuck up there with the other one.
    I eventually got them down but it was a fun day at work

  3. Xyma Ryai

    i want to build something the usefulness of the Alta in that situation, but with the cheapest components possible, a big xclass with nice tourque-y motors to fly with nice heavy props, so you can push limits into sketchy areas without risking a literal Alta class drone

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