Always On – Unboxing the Samsung 85-inch 4K TV

It may look gorgeous, but is Samsung’s new 4K TV worth the $40K price tag? Molly Wood unboxes the 4K TV that debuted at CES 2013 and offers her first impressions.

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  1. teo long

    Today I am looking at an LG 86' 4k HDR 10 and Dolby Vision for $2449 at costco; I win. By the way I think I can probably fabricate that stand/frame to hang that LG TV same way if I want to.

  2. Dmacsimus 747

    I would rather buy a new Toyota Tacoma 4×4 and drive around to see super HD through my own peepers for that price! There's no TV's worth 40k no way, no how. I mean come on peeps, a TV just shows hollywood's smoke and mirrors which I can see just fine on my Samsung 55" which cost me around 599!

  3. JetFalcon

    I got a 82" 4k QLED for only $2300, or $2500 after taxes. $2k range is still quiet alot but it seems like such a bargain knowing an approx same size TV costed as much as a new car. At least mine cost as much as a shitty 10-15 year old car.

  4. boosted

    40 grand ??? I get that it has a beautiful picture but not a 40k worth beautiful picture lol you can by a 50 to 75 inch tv from a lesser known less popular brand that has just as beautiful of a picture for $500 or less, I have a 50 inch tv by insignia that is absolutely gorgeous, I don’t think a lot of people quite understand just how massive a simple 50 inch tv is, anything more than 50 inch & you should just by a projector. Obviously it’s no 4K resolution but it’s not worth all that money you’d have to pay. The picture on these other tv’s is just as gorgeous especially when it’s a bigger tv screen. I have my 50inch insignia tv & it’s like I’m in my own movie theater for about $300 bucks. I wish they would release something that most people could afford, this is clearly only for the rich smh.

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