All Xiaomi Smart Cameras compared – 2. Footage and Audio tests

Dafang camera:
Aqara Gateway camera:
Mijia 1080P Camera:
Xiaofang Camera (EU & US) :
Xiaofang camera :
ChuangMi camera:
Mijia 360 (720P) :
Mijia 360 AI Camera:

This video includes footage and audio tests that I have done of all of the Xiaomi Smart Security cameras.

These tests are a few of the tests on which I have based this video: (You might want to check that one out first!)

There actually is quite a big difference between these cameras in terms of video quality during day and night, audio quality and price. Additionally, there are quite a few specs that are specific to each of these cameras which could influence your preferred camera of choice.

I am testing out all the cameras that are currently supported by the Mi Home APP :
YI Small Ant, Mijia 1080P, Xiaofang, ChuangMi, Mijia PTZ (720p), Mijia PTZ (1080P), Dafang PTZ, and a beta version of the Aqara camera.

33 Replies to “All Xiaomi Smart Cameras compared – 2. Footage and Audio tests”

  1. Pakar Rambut Gugur

    I have the Xiaofang, Dafang & Mijia 360 1080P, Dafang is definitely superior that the more expensive Mijia 360. The colour tone for Mijia 360 is too bad. If you are looking for 360 camera, please settle for the cheaper one which is Dafang.

  2. vivan3

    Can I connect Xiaomi sensors (temperature, smoke detector, water, etc) to dafang?
    Or better use aqara? Dafang looks best for me as I don't need 180 degree view angle. Thanks.

  3. maevox

    Great details video. Actually i bought Dafang & Xiaofang before watching your video. Really proud that i pick the correct one. End up bought 2 Dafang & 5 Xiaofang. Also got international version of Yi Home & Yi Outdoor cameras. 😅

  4. Socheat Ou

    If I have both Xiaomi and Yi cameras, would they work with Mi Home App or you can only view them in their own specific app – either Mi Home App or Yi Home App?

  5. Vasilis Tzanoudakis

    @xiomify thanks for the camera comparison videos. What I would like to see on another video is the available automation each camera has in the xiaomi ecosystem. Till now I have only two cameras in my home, the old Yi camera and the ptz 720p. What I have noticed is that if you try to make an automation with a motion or door sensor the two cameras have different choices. Yi camera has an option to record a 10 sec video and send it to mobile if a sensor is activated, on the other hand the ptz 720 has only an option to turn sleep mode on or off. What about the other cameras?
    I am waiting the mijia 1080 and dafang camera next week and I will check it by my self, but I think it would be a useful video for all users.

  6. bunna tang

    are this camera will remember/continue clock setting ? i doubt it will freeze or reset the clock, unless connected to a wifi network or reconfigure the time setting everytime the power disconnected.

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