37 Replies to “All xbox starting screens”

  1. Not Again!

    The unused brand identity boot screen was designed to show how Xbox was constantly evolving, shown by the animation of new waves forming repeatedly, evolving into the more complete Xbox.

  2. Victor Boca

    All people saying the blue one is fake, it isnt, it is a special one for the special Xbox 360 Blue Edition that only released in certain countries for a short part of time.

  3. DaMemePlayer

    God. I feel nostalgic when the xbox 360s come in.

    Even though…

    A: i was really dang young and i owned a playstation 2 and a wii that time

    B: i never played it. Until a year earlier.

    C: i saw a xbox 360 and i went “Woah… thats the legacy console :0_”

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