All The Reasons Not To Buy The Autel Robotics Evo

All The Reasons Not To Buy The Autel Robotics Evo
These are all the negatives I can think of for the Autel Robotics Evo in 2019.
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33 Replies to “All The Reasons Not To Buy The Autel Robotics Evo”

  1. Sergio Núñez

    My good man, why don't you just bring the drone to the proper altitude before you try to extend your hand underneath it? If you place your hand before bringing the drone down, of course it will stop, it doesn't want to crash. Food for thought.

  2. CaptCrewSocks

    This video reminds me of a as seen on tv ad that demonstrates how much life sucks without their companion product they are featuring. You know the kind of commercial I’m talking about where they make simplest tasks seem like it’s a horrible choir and it’s a wonder you even survived doing it.

  3. jpthsd

    hmmm is this your hobby or something torturing you? It doesn't sound like you are not happy with this hobby 🙂 isn't it part of this hobby to modify, repair, fix and thrive? 🙂

  4. Anthony

    I just sold my Mavic Pro and got one of these. I googled looking for tips, and I got an earful of complaints from I do like the DJI controller a little better in feel, but IMO, the Autel controller edges it out because of the better display.. Still feels very solid. I love the app. Better UX/UI for sure than DJI. Anyway, thank you for the video.

  5. Chasbro Chas

    You sure took a lot of abuse on this one NZ Rides. I am not here to bash you, but someone once told me "think with you head, not with your heart" Your video should
    have been titled: some thins to consider before buying the Autel Evo.Yes…you did get carried away on the negatives which some probably don't exist. I am considering
    buying the Evo1 and your video really trashed it. I am being honest by saying this is the first video that trashed the drone, and I seen them all. Please don't respond with:
    HOW SO? or Which feature did you disagree with etc. BTW I'm buying it. It's a great drone. All in All…Thank you for posting.

  6. Julio Toro

    Please go find another purpose in life, this is not definitely for you.
    Maybe go bitchin out to the mountains but not on YouTube your taking up other people's air time that have valuable information to put out. I think everyone would appreciate that!

  7. Vinh Ha

    Wow… I feel bad for you Sir, if something you bought it not the way you like and you feel really uncomfortable with it… I know it’s bad feeling…. if you sale your Evo… please let me know… I will buy it from you… I can not afford new one but if you sale, please I will… if some thing make you feel bad.. let it go get some thing fit you like… have s a good day Sir….

  8. sallutz

    Overly critical review. This drone is fantastic for the price and purpose. Does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well. Sure, if you’re looking for advanced pre-programmed flight modes, then go with dji. But if you’re looking for a solid drone that is capable of long stable flights and worthy “prosumer” video quality, at a good price, then this is your goto drone.

  9. Guglielmo Di Carlo

    wow, thats all I can say, and the other 71 thumbs down you received, guess were all wrong, ok, you seem to be a real pain in the ass, maybe you should go hang out with their engineers, and teach them a thing or to, I have this aircraft, and have not experienced ANY of your ridiculous complaints

  10. Droning Harry

    Wow, enjoy the fire you’re gonna have. 7 batteries and controller total?? You’re pulling so many amps and volts something’s going to happen. It’s physics, you’re overloading that thing. I’ve been a ham for a long time and I’d never do that. Honest review and I appreciate it. Helped more than I can say. Have a good one.

  11. sniper1958

    I was looking at purchasing the Evo. Your reasons for not buying it sounds like a personal issue. All the other reviews I've seen good and bad on the Evo still makes me want to purchase one.

  12. Steve Abrams

    Wow what a crybaby, all of the things you are crying about Autel has never said that it could do this or do that or even mention that they were even going to fix what you call problems. Sounds like you need to get a specialized Drone for flying in your unusual conditions with the rough terrain. All drones have limitations they are usually the pilots same limitation and fears. You need to shop around some more for that PERFECT DRONE made just for you. Please.

  13. Greg Wooding

    Hey eventually you won't have to worry about flyin' in the wind if DJI has their way with NFZ's. I think they (DJI) is proposing that all drone pilots be at least 10 light years from all airports in the near future…I could be wrong u might want to check! Oh yeah, I love the Mavic and Mavic2 controllers with the oled screens…oops my bad thats the EVO controller! Sounds like u were paid by DJI to rip Autel to me! I have a Tello for sell if u r interested 🙂

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