All of the New HomeKit Products from CES 2018

HomeKit has seen a ton of growth this past year, and CES is evidence of that. There were cameras, faucets, showers, lights, and much more coming down the pipe. Here is our list:
Orbit B-Hyve Smart Faucet
Orbit B-Hyve Indoor Watering System
Netatmo Smart Smoke Detector
Netatmo Spotlight Cam
Netatmo Radiator Valve
Netatmo Smart Thermostat
Elgato Eve Room 2
Elgato Eve Button
Nanoleaf Remote
Nanoleaf Square Tiles
iCreation Lineup of 10 HomeKit products
Kohler Konnect Sensate Faucet
Kohler Konnect DTV+ Shower System
U by Moen Smart Shower System
Koogeek light strip
Abode Iota Camera
Belkin WeMo Bridge
Philips Hue Entertainment
ConnectSense SmartOutlet 2
ConnectSense In-wall smart outlet
Fibaro The Button
Fibaro Switch controller
Brinks ARRAY Smart Light
Brinks ARRAY Chek lock
Brinks Smart Deadbolt
First Alert OneLink Safe & Sound
iDevices Ceiling Fan Switch
iDevices Instinct Switch
Netgear Arlo Baby Cam

~Gear I use~
Camera I use:
New favorite lens for it:
Other great lens:
^But you need this adapter:
BEST affordable lens:
Microphone I use:
Mic stand/boom pole:
Lighting Kit:
Awesome portable audio recorder:

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All of the New HomeKit Products from CES 2018


26 Replies to “All of the New HomeKit Products from CES 2018”

  1. Rawkfist1501

    Tired of having to look at mics and speakers built into crap just to bend over to alexa. Either make two lines of products where one doenst have that security nightmare and ugly add ons OR just hide it better. I want smart switches and smart controllers that don't draw ridiculous amounts of attention to themselves.. No i dont want my smart light switch to also show me the weather and talk at me randomly. I just want it to freaking turn off my lights with my phone or set to a scene.

  2. Patrick Ayres

    FYI, there are places you want to smoke detector, like a garage. You don’t want a carbon monoxide detector there. But if you want to carbon monoxide detector in your furnace room, you may not want to smoke detector.

  3. Paul Martin

    Wemo Bridge doesn't support Wemo Maker… the only reason I still use Wemo! No other company makes a similar – and ridiculously versatile – device. As soon as they do, I'm ditching Wemo entirely. I'm sick of their nonsense. Their slow HomeKit support has meant I've moved all existing Wemo devices to Elgato's devices instead. And their customer support is much better.

  4. SSS1001

    I disagree with you for ppl like me (who stay in apartments /condos) the outlets that go into the standard outlet is actually very nice a lot of ppl are owning homes LESS

  5. Build On Sound

    I got 30 of the Nanoleaf aurora panels, and I would love the square panels to fill up my wall, create pixel air and if someone is smart and good with coding, maybe create pixels games on the wall if the api is available

  6. Michael Billings Cole

    Can you please do a review on the best automation items with bridges or hubs, like lights clubs automated kitchen items and security i actually like and prefer bridges or hubs instead of having hundreds devices on your wifi or bluetooth. Thanks

  7. Somfy Sweden

    Hey guys! Nice summary but you did unfortunately miss out that Somfy will release the Somfy Outdoor Camera this year with support for HomeKit. Also, the smart hub, Somfy TaHoma will get support for HomeKit giving lots of more possibilities for the smart home!

  8. jpdo1978

    Ok, I get why people need HomeKit for security cameras, lighting, heating, etc when they are out of the home but I have to question the need for faucet control???

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