All New and Electric 2020 Audi e-tron 55 quattro | Exterior and Interior Walkaround!

Here’s a quick video showing the all electric SUV 2020 Audi e tron 55 quattro. Thanks to H.J. Pfaff Audi for providing us with access to this beauty!

Starting at CAD$90K, the new 2020 Audi e tron 55 quattro is intended to magnify the advantages of EVs in a more traditional package that exemplifies Audi’s luxury pedigree. With standard quattro all-wheel drive and a 4000-pound towing capacity, the two-row crossover has the capability many SUV shoppers expect. Battery range and performance is more than enough for most daily commutes. A sumptuous interior fitted with state-of-the-art technology further proves that the 2020 Audi e tron is interested in making the EV segment more desirable.

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Enjoy the video!

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Video and footage by audi obsession. Thanks to H.J. Pfaff Audi and @Pfaff Automotive Partners

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