ALL NEW 2020 TESLA ROADSTER & TESLA SEMI TRUCK REVEALl FULL EVENT HD l Unveiled by Elon Musk (ENG). Elon Musk pulled off a Steve Jobs-ian “one more thing” surprise at the unveiling of Tesla Inc.’s Semi model, rolling a new Roadster sports car out of the back of a big rig on stage.

The Semi truck going into production in 2019 will boast 500 miles of range, a battery and motors that will last 1 million miles and cheaper total operating costs than diesel models, Tesla’s chief executive officer said. The Roadster, available a year later, will be the fastest production car ever made, he said.“The point of doing this is to just give a hardcore smack-down to gasoline cars,” Musk told the crowd gathered at Tesla’s design studio near Los Angeles, touting the Roadster’s 1.9-second 0-60 miles per hour time and 620 miles of range. “Driving a gasoline sports car is going to feel like a steam engine with a side of quiche.”

40 Replies to “ALL NEW 2020 TESLA ROADSTER & TESLA SEMI TRUCK REVEALl FULL EVENT HD l Unveiled by Elon Musk (ENG)”

  1. CombraStudios

    I feel like in the 1890s when awesome futuristic projects and inventions were announced and demonstrated to the amazed publicum. Past 20 years people were just worshipping DJs but not technology.

  2. Martin Scott

    great ideas, great preliminary products. a true visionary. yup, yup, but that crowd, whats with that crowd? that crowd consists of weirdos and zealots. why are they chanting and going crazy like the second coming of the messiah? Every major automaker in the world is working on the same products only at a more cautionary pace (something to do with insurance and keeping 42 million middle class people employed). currently, there are more than 15 car manufacturers making more than 2.5 million cars per year. 10 years from now, that number will probably be the same and tesla will not be one of them… but it may well be profitable by then.

  3. Florinda Andrade

    These products will take at least 5 years before they go into production. Elon Musk great visionary but terrible with dates. I understand because he is not focused at Tesla he is so busy with space x and other things, there is just so many hours in a day and if your putting 1-2 hours into each business every day it can only advance so much. He should concentrate on manufacturing the model 3 and put all the resources available and some more into this troubling issue. It’s a disaster

  4. 441rider

    I can't believe what a circus these presentations are, keep going waiting for the Tesla motorcycle……..massive increase in safety harkens of Robocop before the Ed209 guns down everyone. LOL! The production is uber cheesy.

  5. Christopher Stube

    I think that if they made that pickup into a B truck, it would make the basis for the worlds greatest RV. You could travel in comfort all over the states and have plenty of electricity for everything. I was hoping that the Tesla trucks have a place for tire chains or some other solution to extreme icing because we have a lot of it in the high passes entering Montana and i can't yet imagine how you will keep 80000 lbs from sliding all on its own on some types of ice. I really like the anti jacknife stuff.

  6. Dump Chump

    I hate public speaking and it even takes me numerous attempts just to get my voicemail message correct so I now it’s hard to get a speech just right but Elon should either rehearse his speech or get someone else to do his presentations. It’s painful to watch. The truck looks great though.

  7. D. White

    I would have just pointed at the trucks and said "Made in the US of A" to start with. If we talk about the American economy needing something special, then Space X and Telsa may just be the key.

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