All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE | Live Global Premiere

Join us from 19:00 CET, Thursday 1 March, for the live global premiere of Jaguar I-PACE, our first all-electric performance SUV.

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46 Replies to “All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE | Live Global Premiere”

  1. Mischa P

    This is a fantastic new car. I love it. I have seen it personally last Friday in Geneva. Awesome looks, lots of space, good performance. I wanted to order one immediately.

    BUT there is one problem: The car charges at AC stations (home and limiting also on the road) only with 3.7 kwh (one phase, in Switzerland and I think in Germany too it is not allowed to have 32 Ampere on one phase). Hence it takes 24 hours to fully load the car and not overnight as it is promised. This is far too long and a deal breaker for me. Rumors say, that there will be 11 kwh ( 3 phases) version coming next year. Still not fantastic, but ok. New Nissan Leaf allows 22 kwh at home.

    Dear Jaguar, please hurry up with the 3 phase charging option. Audi e-tron, Mercedes EQ are around the corner. First I didn't want to wait for the other cars, now I have to, because it is impossible to buy the early Jaguar I Pace version.

  2. motorbiking

    awful presentation but looking forward to the car. Odd that it has a radiator grill. But does it have the toys of the model X? Maybe its competition is more the model 3?

  3. Yoshiny Yo

    I just wonder what took those century old well established car company so long to come out with an electric car, while Tesla can build from nothing in comparably short time. Although they are going through production hell, but i think a year or two delay is ok, especially they start from nothing.

  4. joergklug

    Great presentation – better than Tesla! And how the hell did you get John Cleese to write the script for it? But we do not need another Model J but another volume Model 3J or Jolt EV that is produced in millions and not in homeopathic doses. The consumer is ready, but the car companies are not.

  5. Jays200

    Next time 100% Johnny, 0% Jack and pay more attention to a Tesla reveal to see how to do it properly.
    Anyway, congrats "Jag" for beating all the other legacy car makers to market. Competition will just make Tesla stronger.

  6. D Momcilovic

    Lets hope this does not become a compliance vehicle, and is one of many to get rid of combustion engines in near future years. Things are moving very quickly in the EV world. great times ahead !

  7. Beorn

    Quite disappointed by the decision to make this so low on the ground for an alleged "off roader" wouldn't do for me sadly just another Chelsea tractor. Would of been better as a saloon car with less bulk I think Tesla has the right idea. I dont see the point in focusing so much on range killing performance that is quite un-necessary.

  8. Paul Lander

    Lost me after saying the car is built in Graz, thought Jaguar was British, and thought UK is investing heavily in electric cars. Let me know when you build an electric car in UK

  9. Sandy King

    Sorry Jaguar! I have been anticipating the I-Pace launch but have to agree with the majority of others that this presentation was absolutely dreadful. I hope that the car proves to be of much better quality. Poor stuff!

  10. gr8899

    They show charge status 20% at 8 min and then 62% at 40 min, which gives 32 minutes from 20-62% SoC with 85kWh available power they charge 35,7kWh in 32 minutes, which again means a quite low 67kW average.

    27 minutes remaining to full charge from 62% is however very impressive. That means it will actually charge faster from 62% to 100%, giving an average of 72kW, which makes no sense. Any other electric car on the market now will charge slower at the end, and almost down to 0 the last couple of %.

    For comparison, Tesla's 75kWh packs charges the same amount of energy about 30% quicker, no matter if its from 0-50 or 20-70%, ie. about 87-90kW average, but it will NOT charge from 50-100% in 27 minutes!

    Did they screw up the charging demo during the launch?

  11. n supton

    Jaguar is so insecure it has to race its best car against Tesla’s slowest. Try it against a P100D and then the outcome will be significantly different. Good try! No cigar!

  12. R W A

    Jack Whitehall – what an embarrassment! – calls himself a comedian, but is about the most unfunny person I've come across! – really spoiled the I-PACE launch.

  13. Hans Kruse

    Congratulations! But I'm disappointed that you have to compare with Tesla and even in an incorrect way. This is so traditional thinking. If you are serious about EVs then you should compare it and race it against the other Jaguar models like the F-pace or other ICE SUV's in the same class. Have the guts to do it!

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