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Note: The DJI Mavic Pro and Platinum have Forward obstacle avoidance, not backward, as stated in the graphic, that was a mistake that I spotted too late. Sorry!

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  1. Ben Hinman

    By the way the wifi signal is a HUGE (not minor) problem on the mavic air that renders it unusable in some scenarios and it is also what inevitably cost me my drone. you are playing with fire if you spend that much on a drone and don't get a reliable signal… trust me when i say return to home will NOT work perfectly every time

  2. Ben Hinman

    I would like to see a deeper comparison between the mavic air and the mavic zoom since they both feature a very similar camera, to compare the dynamic range, sharpness and color quality

  3. dwcola

    Please recommend to DJI of they could offer optional upgrades to each series. For example, the Pro 2 is a necessity for me at night or low level conditions; however you now sacrifice zoom. Vice versa… if you get zoom, you sacrifice lens and size of cmos chip. They should offer an up charge fee if necessary to include zoom on pro 2 or camera on zoom. As always, very frustrating.

  4. Kenny Wheelus

    Ty,you have helped tell the difference between them all,now I want the zoom or the mavic pro 2,I can't wait, I thought the platinum had more sensors too,but like the 2 pro an zoom.

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