Alexa vs Google Home Routines – The Winner is…

This video is a look at Alexa vs Google Home Routines. Both are very capable devices. But I am going to declare my winner.


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41 Replies to “Alexa vs Google Home Routines – The Winner is…”

  1. Ooga Booga

    google wins by a mile with one reason.. they are the number 1 search engine in the world.. why does that matter? try to ask each of them answers to questions and you'll see that amazon gets their answers from and their info is out of date and doesn't even have an answer half of the time.. as far as setting reminders and routines with your appliances in your home, that's something that both companies can do.. that's mechanical.. but if you want legit answers to questions google wins hands down

  2. paul drake

    I have both………just for the different routines. bathroom fan… off in 15 mins.
    I started with google but wanted my amazon music /audible books so just 1 dot and 4 googles (3 mini and 1 nest) and why have coffee makers been left out of this automation thing?

  3. The Millennial

    How is it a draw when some features don't work with an iPhone on Google? You're paying for a feature that doesn't work. It also doesn't play apple music. And sometimes doesn't run routines and acts deaf. I have both the Google mini and best but just purchased an alexa

  4. Mirko Favalli

    Alexa's routines are in beta release. If you set up a routine e.g. 1-2-3 and you wrongly press play two time, it will execute: 1-1-2-2-3-3…Alexa's developers are so cheap…Also it's IMPOSSIBLE stop a timed routine…

  5. hnina sayada

    I love your videos
    I am stuck hh
    I use Google assistant but I don't use it often I only use it for reminders.
    So I'm not sure if I buy the echo or the nest mini. I'm worry if I change to Alexa maybe she want understand me because I'm not English native speaker. Do you think Google learns my language and Alexa doesn't?
    Because I fell in love with the echo with clock. Also I'm planning to start smart home devices (some people say Google doesn't work with many smart devices)
    I don't have any Amazon staff YET
    I'm planning to use Netflix btw
    What should I get?

  6. Prasad ARN

    Hi..i got both alexa echo dot and google mini….i have a generic smart bulb compatible with both including one yeelight as well. Say if i say turn on bedroom light..i want it to turn bright white..but say if i say good nite..i want same bulb turn to blue with 5% it possible with either or both?

  7. Andi Wen

    I don't like the google home routines at all, because it gives an audio response to every single command you add to the routine. I find it very annoying to hear my google home babble for half a minute everytime I trigger a routine. I will actually switch to echo just because of that reason. Alexa simply replies with "okay" and gets its work done silently.

  8. Timothy LaPlante

    I created a routine so that my Fire Cube will turn on my Cable-Box and TV-Set by saying, "Alexa turn on Cable TV". It works great but after a few seconds it switches the HDMI input on the TV over to HDMI 2 which is the one that Fire Cube is plugged into. Then I have to say "Alexa switch to HDMI 1" , so that I can continue watching TV on my Cable-Box. Anyone have any ideas on how to make it stay on HDMI port 1?

  9. stevae wei

    HAVING A BIASED RESEARCHER NEVER GIVES AN UNBIASED RESULT… That said while you tried to keep it fair, you left off the BIGGEST difference between them that matters MOST to MOST people, and that is search. Google search and assistant is TEN TIMES better than Amazon's version. And that's where we find that there's actually not much of a contest between them. Google's a bigger tech company than Amazon, and thus they will ALWAYS have that advantage over them. By the way, I HATE criminal Google. But facts are facts.

  10. Amir Gladstone

    I wish echo would play YouTube video on command . What it does when I say “Alexa play sky news live “ it simply searches YouTube and gives me results . It is my understanding that amazon is taking this to court !

  11. Wayne Hayes

    I want to start off by saying I am a huge Google fan however I do own both Google and Alexa devices. In my personal opinion I strongly believe that Amazon would be the king of the digital assistants if it used the Google browser instead of Bing. Now as for triggering routines I prefer Alexa for one reason only and that's the ability to have devices trigger routines such as door & motion sensors. Case in point, we have firearms and children. So we have a gun cabinet that they do not have access to but for the additional level of safety I added a door sensor to it so in the highly unlikely event they did gain access to it the door sensor triggers a routine and sends me an instant notification and triggers an audible response from my Alexa devices. ( The gun cabinet is open.) Google to my knowledge as of the time I'm writing this does not have this feature. (Yet). So Alexa wins for me in this category. I love both the Google & Echo devices and I'm excited to see what other wonders these two will be coming out with in the future.

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