Alexa… flush my Sh**

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40 Replies to “Alexa… flush my Sh**”

  1. Joe Jupiter

    5:16 Why on Earth would you put the display for the right rear camera there?
    It made sense to look there when it had to be like that because, … well, the right mirror had obviously to be on the right side. But that doesn't mean you should put the display there instead of right in front of the driver.
    That's the same mistake they are doing with round smartwatches. "We're doing it like we always did. It doesn't make any sense in this context but we're used to it."

  2. Jess Johnson

    Anyone else cringe a little because you know how loud and pestering that must be to have someone recording loud, clearly annunciated video in the hotel hallway, probably with multiple repeated takes. I wanted the video to end with someone leaning out and giving them a shush. ? fine video, just made me cringe a bit. Imagine sitting in your bedroom, trying to relax, and all you can hear is these guys make Alexa jokes.

  3. ja b'aaron kowalski

    nothing pisses me off more than clicking on videos like this and waiting waiting waiting for the intro to fucking finish and get to the god damn point and then all the sudden im watching bullshit sponsored ads for a fuckin monitor i will never buy. time is precious. fuck off. that is all. thumbs down motherfucker

  4. LPA

    As I saw the Seasonic ad. I just gotta say that gold plating contacts aren't used because of better conductivity (which is actually way worse than copper or alluminum) but gold is way more stable and doesn't corode, so that's why it's used.

  5. Codeplayer

    LTE 4G routers today are available for 300Mbit symmetrical connection and with Release 10 we will have 1000Mbit speeds. What is so special about routers with SIM cards? Aren't they common in US?

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