Alexa Comes to Amazon Tablets

Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant is challenging Siri on Apple’s home turf: mobile devices. WSJ’s Nathan Olivarez-Giles has a look at the Alexa-powered Fire HD 8 tablet. Photo: Jake Nicol/The Wall Street Journal

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21 Replies to “Alexa Comes to Amazon Tablets”

  1. goldassayer93555

    I think a verbal interface with a limit of 4000 commands is a waste of computer processing time. I just bought a kindle 7 but will turn off alexa if i can and wish i could uninstall it so as not to take up the memory space.

  2. Steve Ramm

    Liked your video I just got my Fire 7 today and downloaded Alexa app. I held down the home button and got blue light but it is not hearing my question like "What is today?". What am I doing wrong?

  3. adriano raffaele

    Just got hold of a new fire🔥hd8 2016 and am awaiting the Alexa integration that's due anytime now. :)The fire hd 8 tablet is a fabulous upgrade from last year's fire 7 because of its bigger Better screen resolution. Improved sensitivity. Bigger longer lasting battery 🔋. Dolby stereo speakers. Faster processor Increased storage and more ram etc etc. The improvements are too numerous to mention. For only a few extra £€$ you get a lot more tablet that's more fun to use because of its improvements.

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