AirPlay 2, HomeKit, and iTunes are coming to 3rd Party Smart TVs

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42 Replies to “AirPlay 2, HomeKit, and iTunes are coming to 3rd Party Smart TVs”

  1. Brice Le Blevennec

    The purpose of the Apple TV is to install and use thousands of tvOS APPS, from games to your cable operator app. Apple doesn't make money on the Apple TV hardware, it's just a device to enable any TV to join the Apple ecosystem. On your Samsung you can only run iTunes and Tizen Apps. What Apple is doing with that deal is distributing their video content on now more channel. Also turning you TV in one more Airplay 2 pair of speakers in your home is cool.

  2. Alex M. Chong

    That’s a reasonable assessment if Samsung’s only line of business was selling phones and TVs. However when you take a look at the grand scheme of things of how Samsung is a massive company with their phone arm being just a fraction of their line of business, then it starts to put into perspective how much Samsung doesn’t care despite how they convey themselves on their poorly done marketing ads for the phone devices. Those ads don’t represent Samsung as a whole.

    Look deeper into Apple and Samsung’s partnership history – especially into how they have a very good relationship when it comes to hardware supply. The companies work very close together when it comes to business.

    Ads don’t represent business relationship at all. Business is business. Companies don’t “hate” each other.

  3. chemicalsam

    Because of Apple's streaming service. But if HomeKit is going third party, and it goes to Android? Literally will make HomeKit way more appealing to people. I really hope that happens. What do you mean Apple TV isn't selling well?

  4. Arran Morton

    Don’t think too deeply about it, the consumer is winning here. Slowly and I mean slowly we are edging to a future where everything just works with everything – that is exciting.

  5. Pratik Chaudhari

    The only speculation that makes sense to me right now is that Apple is setting up the ground for the release of their new rumoured streaming platform. It won't be a successful platform if there isn't a lot of scope to stream it to, given the market share of all the Apple TVs compared amazon fire, Netflix and Prime etc. They just invested about a billion dollars for the original content. This are just the complimentary things from their equation for their giant release.

  6. PythonPlusPlus

    I hope apple licenses Mac OS to 3rd party companies. That should give apple a huge increase in revenue. It may also become the new gaming standard, as games will run better on Mac OS.

  7. Noble Obodum

    From what I understand, the TVs with HomeKit are not going to be hubs (you’ll still need an Apple TV, iPad, or HomePod for that) but it will allow the TVs to work with HomeKit and the Home app, and allow people to say things like “Siri, play this in the living room.”

  8. Henry Bickel

    Apple has already teamed up with Samsung with the iPhone OLED Displays. I think if they really wanted to break way from Samsung, they’d adapt their Liquid Retina Displays to be better or just as good as OLED. There services being on non Apple devices will help with sales in services, but not in hardware.

  9. Stuart Holloway

    It did surprise me, but it’s really no different than iTunes on Windows. They’re not migrating the OS, it’s just a service. They’ll never let iOS, TVOS, WatchOS or MacOS go. That would be against their founding ideology.

  10. Justin Harvey

    Even though I have an Apple TV box I rarely use it but I would love to see a version of iTunes come to Roku TVs that way all my movies and purchases can be together at last finally in one spot instead of having to keep changing inputs on my TV I really think if they put iTunes on Roku TVs they would actually make a decent profit in my opinion so maybe this'll be a good change even though my heavy Apple user myself I prefer Roku so I look to see what the future holds with this topic

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