Aeotec Z-Wave: Nano Switch tutorial for installation with power outlet

How to install the Z-Wave switch and light controller Nano Switch from Aeotec. This specific tutorial focussed on installing Nano Switch in a power outlet that has a on / off switch. This tutorial features an Australian socket but is suitable for other countries too. If you’d like to find out more about Nano Switch please visit or if you’d like installation help for one you already have you can reach our support team via

4 Replies to “Aeotec Z-Wave: Nano Switch tutorial for installation with power outlet”

  1. Steven Attaway

    So, I won't thumbs down this video, but 1. Audio would have been nice. 2. I agree with leetxjd, because I'm not an electrician in Australia, I have no clue what each wire is, hopefully the instructions give a break down based on more than just the color of the wire, but #3 and in my opinion most importantly, the pinky nail, why in the world is his/her pinky nail so long. The rest of his/her finger nails are trimmed nicely, he/she could have trimmed that one finger. I had to stop 2 minutes into the video to make this comment, I will hope at some point during the remaining 4 minutes he/she trims that pinky nail.

  2. mark clifford

    Reasons why for a thumbs-down is because you didn't answer the first question and you know the answer because you hooked it up. Now the guy has to hire electrician spend all that money. Thanks for the video though.

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