Aeotec Z-Wave: Nano Dimmer tutorial for 2 wire / without neutral installation

How to install the Z-Wave lighting controller, Nano Dimmer from Aeotec, in a junction / gang box. This tutorial focuses on a 2 wire (without neutral) installation and uses a European style wall switch. If you’d like to find out more about Nano Dimmer please visit or if you’d like installation help for one you already have you can reach our support team via

7 Replies to “Aeotec Z-Wave: Nano Dimmer tutorial for 2 wire / without neutral installation”

  1. Darren Bone

    i have just installed it in the uk, with 2 wire system and it works through the app, but the switching method doesn't work. i'm an electrician and know it is wired 100% correct.

    i have 230v coming in but when testing at the "com" im only getting 130v. shouldn't this be 230v? and would that explain why the switching isn't working

  2. Bob Sisson

    I installed this IN THE FIXTURE and then I leave the wall switch turned on (unless I forget). In the fixture I have a 3-wire install with no issues. Can be a bit tight, and because of all the metal I try to have the antenna sticking out…but barely noticeable. Works great. If I forget and turn the switch off, as soon as I turn it back on it remembers where it is supposed to be after a moment.

  3. Eric Berger

    How exactly does the dimmer work in combination with the wall switch – can the switch turn the light on and then the light be turned off by z wave? In other words, can z wave turn the light off by overriding the manual switch in the on position?

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