ADT Home Security Starter Kit – Powered by Samsung SmartThings – REVIEWED

Whether you live in a safe neighborhood or not, a home security system is a good investment. Got a vacation home or AirBnb place? Then home security is essential. For other people, though, it’s simply a network of sensors that let you know about doors and windows being opened or closed. Regardless of your situation, however, a good home security system is the best and fastest way to notify the police or fire department automatically on critical events.

ADT Home Security has been helping keep homes safe for almost 100 years and by turning the base unit into a Samsung SmartThings Hub, the combination is terrific.If you can get it installed and working properly.

Tech expert Dave Taylor of installed the ADT Home Security Starter Kit collection of sensors to try the whole system out. Here’s the end result, the good and bad…

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40 Replies to “ADT Home Security Starter Kit – Powered by Samsung SmartThings – REVIEWED”

  1. Sunray

    Dave looks at the bright side of the system but he ignores how under the wrong hands (big brother, police authority and other deep pocket investigators) could use the system against you for their own little investigative profit. No thumbs or subscribe.

  2. William Gates

    Anyone having issues with adt branded sensors not connecting. I set up my system awhile back now and just purchased a few more adt branded sensors, however they wont connect when scanned?

  3. How Pham

    Hi Dave , I bought ADT Home Security Starter Kit today , Can you tell me what's the app I need to install for Samsung phone? I want to use this kit without ADT. Thanks.

  4. C P

    So I have a Samsung smart things hub V2.
    I also have an ADT home alarm that connects all my doors windows and smoke detector thru wires (not wireless). So I have a small ADT gateway that connects to the internet too.

    How can I connect my smart things Samsung hub to the ADT alarm gateway?

  5. YuniqueGLAM

    Great video, very informative! It’s a year later are you still enjoying this system? Any problems? Just ordered it and I’m curious is it actually a good product long term.

  6. Gene Simmons

    I'm new to ADT Pulse (less than a year) and camera security systems. Had a security system previously without cameras. Sadly, my experiences with ADT have been mediocre to bizarre at best. With numerous service calls and customer service calls and another upcoming service visit in the works, I still have a wireless camera system that appears to be hijacked at will. Worked properly initially but soon began crashing with no explanation, as it does to this day. The common factors are when particular people in particular vehicles are nearby. They are apparently using some type of device to turn off/bypass the camera system (entire security system?). I often traveled after having the system installed and to view the malfunctions from afar, but now that I'm home I can see the malfunctions in 'real time'. Haven't given up on ADT just yet until we understand what is going on (I suspect they do) and what the solutions are (wired camera system?).

  7. daniel chong

    Hey Dave this is my first time on your channel. This video is awesome

    I just purchased this system based on the great review on your channel however I cannot get the push notification to work on iOS when the alarms are tripped.

    Please help!!!

  8. Filipe Mateus

    I’ve watched another video saying it only works with the sensors that are included.. there is no easy way to had new sensors even if they are ADT sensors.. you have to install third party apps. In the video they said samsung and ADT are trying to solve this issue, but for now other smarthings peripherals do work but only thru the smarthings hub and not by the security system itself…

  9. Bud's Home Improvement Ideas & Solutions

    Nice video Dave! Thanks for the helpful content. This is my first time on your channel. I have an older Smartthings Hub and I use my iPhones as "Presence Sensors" along with my Smartthings hub's geofence and Dome Alarm. This way the alarm is automatically disarmed when a confirmed family member has arrived home. The system also automatically arms when the last family member leaves home.

  10. Arizona girl

    This is absolutely the worst experience that I’ve ever encountered. After ordering the Samsung security hub and waiting for a month due to a back order. The system would not allow us to connect. Moreover, the alarm would not stop going off, at one point we had to put the product in the box and outside. We were on the phone for 21/2 hours and could not find anyone who could troubleshoot. We were hung up on and then transferred in mid sentence after being told over and over that we were in the wrong department. 6 transfers and 5 800 #’s and we could reach a single soul to help us or that new how to troubleshoot the product. The only way to contact the department was on line, we requested a refund today. We will go with ring! This is unacceptable! I hope no one else has to experience this, I cannot get those 2.5 hours of my time back, bad customer service very disappointing and disturbing.

  11. mbrutus5

    You mentioned at the 2 min mark that there is a 30-60 sec delay for the siren when the unit is armed for “away”. Can you choose to have just the front door for example have the delay and all other trips immediately siren?

  12. Texas Jay

    I worked for adts sister company, defenders. i can tell you thats the worst company i have ever worked for. they do not care about their customers. their "culture" is damn near ran like a cult. they will bait and switch you. they send you to Indiana for training to teach you that your not "baiting and switching people" when really you doing exactly that. they send out a 99.00 flier that doesnt amount to shit. cause bet your ass im writing up a 4k equipment recommendation. If that doesnt kick you out the house the 3 in hole will that i leave in your wall when your really pissed and have had enough of me being in your house selling you stuff for 4 hrs

  13. James Ferrenburg

    Can an older Wired ADT system be replaced with this and still use the Wired Sensors or do the Wired sensors have to be replaced with the new Wireless ones? It would be a cheaper upgrade if I could use all the currently installed Wired Door/Window/Motion sensors.

  14. Clay G

    Can you share a link for the motion sensor that works for dogs up to 80lbs. I have the one that came with the starter kit my two dogs are 40 and 42lbs and they both set it off separately. Thanks for your time

    Clay G

  15. Jeffry Andrews

    I purchased this package but haven’t installed it yet until I move to my new house. Do you know if the monitor can be mounted to the wall and hard wired? I’m looking to avoid any exposed wires for a clean look. Couldn’t find anything on the internet about this.

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