Adjusting your LG Smart TV’s Picture Settings | LG USA

Fine-tune your viewing experience and learn how to adjust the picture settings on your LG Smart TV. Depending on the type of content you are watching, you’ll want to select a different picture mode. Our video gives you hints on the best picture setting to choose, as well as how to use your Magic Remote to make the necessary changes. Also discover how to use Advanced Controls to maintain the best picture quality possible.

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11 Replies to “Adjusting your LG Smart TV’s Picture Settings | LG USA”

  1. D90Girl

    LG is about the stupidest tv I have EVER owned . I was so over this POS that I literally gave it away to my neighbor. It was a 63 inch that was less than a year old. Hated it, went back to Sony !

  2. RawLu

    Please Stop with all the 'Picture Modes'!?!. Regardless of what your watching? it should be set from the factory Default to be the most 'Natural' picture it can be? the way it was meant to be seen?.

    I don't want to have to Manually switch modes, ever!. I can't understand why all these modes even exist??? and I'm sure if you asked anyone? the Vast Majority would agree it should always look the way it was meant to look by the creators? Not more Reds(Warm) or more Blues(Cool) etc.??? why is that even there!?! LOL!…

    Bottom Line is I hope this will soon all become 'All Automatic' somehow? and Please always strive towards Natural? the way the Movie, Game etc. was meant to be seen by its creator 😉

    *Please consider passing this Feedback on to the appropriate department? TY.

  3. Tom Landy

    Please respond to my question. I have emailed tech support numerous times, sent numerous messages to LG on Facebook, and nobody is responding. I want to know how to turn off REAL CINEMA in DOLBY VISION mode on the 65OLEDB6P. With it on, the picture has a semi-soap opera effect similar to True Motion — although not quite as bad. It's still super annoying though. I can turn it off in HDR mode to get rid of it, but no matter what I try it's always on in Dolby Vision mode. This feature should be optional because movies DO NOT look this way in the theater and the only way I can actually enjoy DOLBY VISION media is to force HDR instead of DOLBY VISION on my Oppo, but it doesn't work for streaming. Please fix this major flaw in your TV. Thanks.

  4. Andy D

    about a year ago I went out ĺooking for a new TV only to find at pc world nearly all were smart and curved something I knew virtually ñothing about, it was just a maze òf stuff which I knew nothing about especially as I've never used à pc or laptop in my life apart from a smartphone ( galaxy note 3). Anyway I was just about to leave more clueless than on entering when this one tvs picture just seemed to pop out at me it was the LG49UF77 SUPER OLED or SHD. Well that's what I bought but not from there from Richer Sounds which was the same price £695 back then but a 6 year guarantee as opposed to PC worlds one year. I found the TV super duper although most of the time I watch the TV through my Sky box as I still have trouble getting used to the functions on the TV is specially stuff like 4k or super OLED but the biggest problem I find is that once you get used to watching in HD on the big screen it looks absolutely terrible if it is not screamed in HD this is really my biggest problem because not that much is really broadcast in HD as yet and they still don't know how to use 4K um I know it sounds silly why buy one of these TVs you're probably thinking that you must remember um I am disabled um and as I said never used computers before this is all pretty new stuff to me you know everything I've learnt I've learnt off my smartphone I also find it comes in quite handy to throw stuff from my phone to my TV um as I am doing now on YouTube it sounds a bit daft as opposed as YouTubers all my TV anyway but as I don't know how to use most of the functions that's what I tend to stick to um they're really wish I knew how to use for Kane what have you but you know I just can't be bothered to have to get to grips with it as yet I leave things till they come naturally is small bit of the time just the Way I Am I Supposed anyway thanks for listening to me it is a super TV um and I'm sure in time I'll get another div more I really think that the curved TVs are no fun and want to ask I'm right or signing out now Andy d take care ok be cool

  5. Anthony Cavagna

    Je voudrais bien aussi un tuto pour obtenir les meilleurs réglages de calibration sur une 49 UF640v.
    Il n'y a pas dassistant alors que mon ancienne tv led lg l'avais de réglage pourquoi ça?
    Merci d'avance

  6. Anthony Hershko

    Hey, I recently purchased a LG 49uf640y and I got many problem with the screen it's always appear too spread with purple/orange. Can you create video tutorial or recommend something? the screen setting you got are not the same as mine.

    I already played with the settings but it doesn't seems to work (also bought expensive HDMI cable form Monster) still the same.


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