Add HomeKit to your Garage Opener with Chamberlain MyQ Home Bridge

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15 Replies to “Add HomeKit to your Garage Opener with Chamberlain MyQ Home Bridge”

  1. theniffs

    I have all the chamberlain stuff setup and it works but I have not setup HomeKit or ever used it. I can’t figure this out and why everyone just flosses over it like it’s magic!

  2. John Koetsier

    It's annoying that you need this bridge. Everything you need to add your garage doors to HomeKit should just be in the garage door openers themselves. I just installed brand new MyQ openers, and the last thing I want to do is add another accessory for just this tiny simple thing.

  3. Larry Thayer

    my myq shows up as a separate hub on homekit and my home is the other containing all other accessories Therefore I can not set up automation so when garage opens a Lutron casita light lights up in utility room. Can I fix this

  4. NeoAnthony

    Hello Omar, Just some quick questions. I see in the video you have a Chamberlain Garage Opener with MyQ. So did you only use the Home Bridge? In that case, what sensor does that Opener have to detect that it is open? I am willing to buy a new Garage Door opener for the homekit features, but my garage door opens horizontally to the side, not vertically to the roof. The MyQ Smart Garage hub's sensor, for example, wouldn't work for me since it works by detecting tilt. You have to install it vertically pointing upwards, so I am curious on how your sensor works.

  5. Patrick Riva

    Anybody wants to buy my UNUSED MyQ homebridge? I bought it in the US and found out later that the frequencies for Europe are different and therefore it doesn't work for me. I will make a good price.

  6. Dennis Boldt

    Looks great
    I have spent two hours also trying to het the myq on my Apple home kit app. I had it there and it stopped working
    All my other home kit apps work.
    Where can I find the set up?

  7. Leroy Gutierrez

    Just like ModernDayFamilyMan, my LiftMaster also sports the MyQ logo, but no wifi. I used the app, too, and saw that it pointed me only to the Home Bridge. I'm going to go for the Chamberlain HomeBridge, too, since it's $20 cheaper. Thanks for this video and the Q&A!

  8. ModernDayTech

    I have two Chamberlain garage door opener both with the MyQ logo but nether one has the WiFi logo. Do I need extra equipment or just the MyQ Home Bridge? Per the MyQ Compatibility Tool on their website it says it doesn't.

  9. Rosendo Tanedo

    I initially have the control and server before I added the bridge. I was only able to install it after Liftmaster called me back. Anyway, I do have mine now appearing on my phone, but my family does not show it on their phone, we all have the same log in. What do I need to do to have it show on their home kit app?

  10. Jcrewjim

    I just moved into a new construction home.  I have a Lifemaster contractor series garage door opener with the MyQ emblem on the side.  Can I use the Chamberlain brand MyQ home bridge?  Is that all I need?  Thanks.

  11. Mathew Pint

    Does the MyQ homekit hub HAVE to be installed inside the garage or can it be anywhere inside your house on the network? I assume that the Homekit Hub doesn't need line of site of my original MyQ hub.

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