24 Replies to “Adaway for Android TV box Ad remover”

  1. lost speech

    Have installed it on my H96-Max-Plus-Android-Box.

    After downloading the list it says that the work is done and the rules are written into the Host-file, but after the required reboot of my device, when i look into Adaway, it is showing me, that is deactivated again.

    My device is proper rooted. Is there anything more to do, like editing root settings or something? Anyone knows/had same problem?

    Sorry my English , i am from Germany. Thanks.

  2. gohanrage

    Do you know if this program also stops video ads the ones where they are 4 times as loud as the show your actually watching and you have to jump for the remote to mute the TV? Happened last night after midnight which isn't good. not sure what kind of ads if they are flash player ads, Java or something else.
    plain picture ads I am not worried about only the ones that make sound

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