Achievements Removed from Tabs?! Xbox Dashboard Update Brings New Xbox Store + Ask to Join Feature

Achievements Removed from Tabs?! Xbox Dashboard Update Brings New Xbox Store + Ask to Join Feature

Xbox Insider Alpha Preview Notes for Game Activity tab, New Store, and Ask to Join Feature:

My Previous Video on the new changes coming to the Xbox Store:


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26 Replies to “Achievements Removed from Tabs?! Xbox Dashboard Update Brings New Xbox Store + Ask to Join Feature”

  1. Kaiser Ryu

    I really hope they don’t remove achievements entirely, because Achievements are pretty important. They are one of the best ideas that came from the 7th gen of consoles. Once you 1000G or Platinumed the game you have completed it. It shows you have done everything the game has to offer. I would argue that Achievements and Trophies are very important to Video Games, because of that. I’m not an Achievement Hunter, but I like to get all the Achievements in games I love. Getting the Is There Anything You Can’t Do? Achievement in Trials Fusion was amazing after 4 years of the game being out. I argue that Achievements or any Achievement System is important to the games industry. If Microsoft does remove it, we need to speak out.

  2. Kevin Lee

    Yeah, I can't believe they took the Achievement tab away, hopefully they see how pissed we are before this update reaches GA (Game Audience).

    The store is amazing and fast, but i see that sometimes so tabs in the store will take a while to load. Hell, I can't even make purchases right now (which blows considering that massive Sale that is going on right now).

  3. liparimv

    Hey maka, I obviously am not to fond of this update but i think they should move all the achievements features in that game tab where it says how many achievements. I obviously liked the achievements tab better but I don’t think they will actually change it. I don’t like how it’s so sporadically spread out. If they want to hide it behind another tab then so be it, but that is better than having it all over

  4. Shaun Mulsay

    The new store is really awesome however the bottom line is it's also missing stuff like the backwards compatible list and creators corner yes the refresh store is way better but the old store definitely had more options

  5. Alex Nitro

    MS doesn't care about achievements. No separation between DLC and the main game achievements, no Platinum analog to let ppl know that you fully completed main game (without DLC) No real progress of the system since 2005 only downgrades. A lot of the games from XBOX Pass on PC doesn't have any achievements and MS says @we don't care it's ok" – no, it's not.

  6. mrx

    really do not play much games no more if i do it to get achievement just so i get my 50 points for my $ takes long time get what i need for game but it all good

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