25 Replies to “ABOX A4 Android TV box set up test and tear down”

  1. Siana Gearz

    I always wondered how they make surface mount devices not fall off the back side when the front side is reflow soldered. Until someone, i think Paul Daniels, pointed out the dots of red glue that hold bottom side components in place.

  2. zx8401ztv

    What a cute little device, its amazing how compact they can make stuff.
    The only downside is when it dies, its pretty much unrepairable, but thats been that way for a long time.

    Putting a photo transistor in a box as a trap lol, false chips were another favorite to confuse people from working out how a circuit was wired.
    Most of the chips now are micros and the code is locked inside it, almost impossible to access and copy.

  3. tony dcosta

    Wow how can such a tiny box have so much technology I'm truly amazed, hi rez graphics with no lag 4k video capability built in wifi, ethernet HDMI and composite video encoding this could probably replace an entry level desktop computer. My pentium4 computer with onboard graphics strugles with 720p videos and my old pentium2 with a very large motherboard with lots of ICs and a 4meg graphics card cant even display a single frame of 4k video.

  4. wayne mckinnon

    Very interesting. Think I may just have to get one. Haven't really wanted to in the past but this video has demystified it's operation some. (I also remember rabbit ears).
    BTW, did a search for this box and 12voltvids was second in the first three results, beaten only by Amazon's purchase ad. Well done… cutting edge video, Dave!

  5. TV Tech

    Comcast was notorious for booby switches on their cable boxes in the 80s. There was a spring loaded switch that would send the box to E2 status and only they could clear it, or me. I had free premium TV for 22 years. Now with digital cable it is almost impossible,almost. If you have some spare time some day watch this 1 hour plus video. https://youtu.be/ex_dEEh4dl0

  6. TV Tech

    I hate using my Comcast or Android box to watch YouTube because there is no way to leave a comment or thumbs up or down. I see you moved,you selected English US on that box,Ha Ha So is it Yanny or Laurel ?

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