A Nintendo Switch Mini Could Be Coming In 2019…And It Makes Sense | Rumor Wave

Rumors are starting to make the rounds about a potential revision of the Nintendo Switch that would be a smaller more compact and cheaper version. This was reported by Nikkei after speaking with several suppliers and are currently placing it with a 2019 release window. What could the Switch Mini be and does it actually make sense to do?

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33 Replies to “A Nintendo Switch Mini Could Be Coming In 2019…And It Makes Sense | Rumor Wave”

  1. Ben P

    God these videos are unwatchable. Get to the fucking point and stop the pointless repetition. This video could me a 3rd the length with the same information in it. Scripts arnt that hard, put some effort in.

  2. stapuft

    …no….it doesn't make sense……at least not yet….revisions shouldn't come out untill year 4, and the next get at like year 7, leaving a 3 year window where both the old and new console are supported.
    Consoles have a fucking 10 year life cycle for a reason……

  3. For the Record

    On the flip side of the coin, another option (and I know this idea isn't for everyone) is for old guys like me that don't use the Switch in handheld mode because my eyes SUCK, they could make a Switch without a screen to be used as a home console ONLY. They could probably sell it for $199-$249. The interest was definitely there when PlayStation released PlayStation TV. BUT, it was the lack of game support for the system that made it TANK, because TOO many games relied on the front AND back touch screens that did not translate to TV mode. 99% of Switch games work in docked mode, so this concept would work MUCH better for Nintendo.

  4. Pseudonym Smith

    A Switch Mini would make sense for people who've yet to buy the console, but it'll be a hard sell for people who already have the base Switch; unless Nintendo sorts out save game transfers between consoles, it'd mean a complete reset in progress for people who've put a lot of time into their existing Switch. Same goes for any Pro version off in the future.

  5. A J

    I've always seen the switch as a personal console. It's not like the wii that you can just leave it at the leaving room and anyone can used it. This is a console you take with you and use it personally and privately. If there are too kids the each such have one, like a DS. And for that concept the current switch is way too expensive. A switch mini makes sense both for the money and for the little kids whose hands are not big enough or find the switch too heavy. I agree with the switch mini because simply the current switch is not for everyone.

  6. Bud The Cyborg

    I will not buy the launch version.
    We all know they're going to have a "pro" version later on too, so there's no way I'll be caught buying three of these things. Nope nope nope just nope.

  7. lyianx

    The issue is that if they do want to make this, they cant make it too similar as to hamper sales of their primary console. As many of the user base play it mostly in handheld mode, they'd loose alot of potential sales of the main console if they did that. It would have to offer less than the main console, without offering anything more outside of its price/size and probably not support much, if any local multiplayer and focus on one person playing it. Due to that.. im guessing the following.

    – No connection to the TV. It would be entirely portable.
    – No bluetooth controller connectivity. (Games like SMP would just not be playable on it. And doubt it would have any bluetooth connectivity to speak of).
    – May include a smaller power charger as it wouldnt need the same size as the full system (tho for cost cutting, they'd likely make it use the same one, but may not include it).
    – Due to its smaller size, a bit longer battery life over the main console.

    And thats probably it. Don't think they would cut too much off of it, but they would cut out "couch console" features that make the Switch what it is. This would allow them to make it smaller and cheaper, and appeal to those only interested in playing portable. Essentially, replacing the 3ds, but not needing an entirely separate game library for it.

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