A Look Inside The Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt, and BMW i3

Are you curious how EVs work? We sure as hell are, so we found a Tesla Model 3 and two other EVs all taken totally apart, so we could take a really, really deep dive into how these cars work, from batteries to bodies to motors. Empty your brain out, because we’re gonna cram a lot in.
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31 Replies to “A Look Inside The Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt, and BMW i3”


    The Tesla Model 3 is well designed from a clean slate to be the perfect EV passenger car & "OVER" built to the standard of "Industrial Trucking" = the million miles club!!! Thusly, to naive souls or Tesla haters, they say Tesla is not efficient in their Model 3 manufacturing processes…
    The Tesla Model 3 is The IMI / IWI Jericho version of The CZ 75B. In this Analogy The CZ 75B is The 1st year Tesla Model S. So, in conclusion Tesla continues to improve upon their former designs & to increase, durability, safety, & efficiency… Tesla is a Silicone Valley High Tech Company based in The Silicone Valley of CA – Tesla will continue to outpace & outperform all other Legacy Automobile Manufacturers. A Tesla you buy today will be better 4 years from now, because Tesla releases OTA UPDATES to all their vehicles which actually improves the Tesla that you bought 4 years ago (Hypothetical Analogy based on Real World Data & Experience). The VW Group probably has the best chance to catch up, but They would need to be "ALL IN" NOW & invest Multiple Billions of $'s into so many areas, They don't & won't have the VALOR necessary to do so!!! Yes, VALOR is required to take on Tesla, good luck even coming close anytime soon… Some company may come close in 10 years or so, or maybe DYSON will surprise Tesla & the world!!! Anything is possible, but it's not likely!!!

  2. Keith Amodio

    Thanks for a great video! Cant wait to see the same on some of the newer EVs from manufactures like Audi/Jag/Merc and see how they are doing it. Would also love to see a breakdown of how a company like Rimac is approaching this!

  3. Jerry Bender

    Ok i need u to make an executive desiz on that curly lock o hair u got floppin there.. how much, how much to cut it off i think we can go fish for that i start the bid 20 frogskins must film it

  4. Matthijs Roovers

    Isn't the amount of extra space in the Tesla related to the fact it's A LOT BIGGER then the other two? Feels a bit biased this. (Don't get me wrong, think BMW really missed the boat on this one and am amazed about the Tesla 3 but still.

  5. dlwatib

    I'm surprised to hear them say that the Chevy Bolt isn't a clean slate design, just an adaptation of an ICE design. Supposedly the Bolt was built on its own purpose-built platform not shared with any other GM car. That they couldn't tear themselves away from traditional ICE design is a bad sign.

  6. Googadis Beotches

    Tesla – this is going to be geeky and intellectual. Consumer positive.
    Other vehicles – this is gonna be jokey and unintelligible since it's their approach to the industry… Anti- consumer.

  7. Kevin Madsen

    Pathetic review of the engineering of the motors, completely fails to explain why the Tesla motor is so superior. Nevertheless, one can still see that the Model 3 is far better engineered than the other vehicles, and they are not capable of full self driving, so ya, one would be stupid to by anything other than the Tesla.

  8. hfe18

    Of the best jalopnik episode so far. Now I know why model3 so efficient but they didn't explain the type of magnet model 3 used which entirely different

  9. Dan E Garner

    The BMW frame will not rust…It could last forever even in horrible salty conditions. Other components are aluminium too. They are also upgrading batteries as the new ones are the same format.

  10. John Bang

    Why should electric cars each have their own battery pack. Why not make a battery pack that fits all car models. so when you are out of power, replace the battery pack with a full charge.

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