A history of Samsung’s Android design

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From very humble beginnings in 2009, to the riches of the Galaxy S6 and S7, here’s a throw back to 7 years of Samsung Android design.

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28 Replies to “A history of Samsung’s Android design”

  1. Mattyc1234567

    my samsung list
    Galaxy s3 – rebuilt by me
    Galaxy s4 – dead motherboard my daily driver for 2 years.
    Galaxy s5 – works great got the lcd flash gate
    Galaxy s7 – daily driver till the 18th of this month.
    Galaxy tab 3 – works sortof
    Galaxy tab A 7.0 2016 – works great
    Galaxy s9 – hopefully my new daily driver on the 18th

  2. ozayevable

    the fact that these moronic reviewers kept bashing durable and grippy plastic design and praised shatter-prone and fingerprint magnety glass, defined and cemented all the crap we have today. secondary depth sensor?! who gives a f***. Gorgeous "premium looking" glass back?! let me slap a case on it so it wont get scratched in my pocket or shattered when i put it down on the table without care. Oh it is scratch resistant gorilla glass 97 same as last years gorilla glass 96?! ok then. ill just put a dBrand skin on it every month or so because the only time my phone looks good is the time i took it out of the box. Other times itjust looks like somebody spit on it.
    p10 was a good one tho. Until huawei bent over next year just ike any other phone company. These companies figured out a way to steal legally.

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