A Big PS5 Game Reveal Causes Controversy Online And Microsoft & Kojima Talks Ramp Up? | News Wave

Yesterday a big update for Ghost of Tsushima was announced with a new upgrade for PS5 owners that caused some controversy online. Reports have been popping up online going over an agreement that is forming between Xbox and Kojima for developing a new game utilizing Microsoft’s technology.

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00:00 – Start

00:47 – Deathloop File Size

1:59 – Dead Space Remake Report

3:27 – No Dragon Age Or Mass Effect 4 At EA Play

4:26 – Ghost Of Tsushima Directors Cut Pricing

10:44 – Kojima And Microsoft Close To A Cloud Game Agreement

12:51 – Sony Buys Nixxes Studio

15:14 – PSP Games Are Still Purchasable

17:02 – Poll

18:01 – Comment Of The Day

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40 Replies to “A Big PS5 Game Reveal Causes Controversy Online And Microsoft & Kojima Talks Ramp Up? | News Wave”

  1. nejithemaster

    Maybe I'm misremembering things, but wasn't there a $10 upgrade cost for some games when moving from the PS3 to the PS4? It isn't surprising that this is happening again, in a way. I know it's a bit different, as it's with 1st party titles now.

  2. Figgy Newton

    There was report he had a Stadia cloud game cancelled, back when found out they cutting all 1st party games. I believe he had something in works and Xbox wants it, and based off rumors i heard, Xbox prob owns Konami or the IPs for gaming, and if case silent hills prob making comeback

  3. nintendians

    dead space remake report – i think they should just do a 4th one continuing from 3, which i haven't play it along with 2.

    ghost of tsushima directors cut pricing – i think is okay if you got a ps4 version to wanted to upgrade to ps5 version for $10 for both standard and director cut.

    kojima and microsoft close to a cloud game agreement – i guess he wants to expend this ideas but death stranding kind have a limit at the time.

    sony buys nixxes studio – i guess more sony ip coming to pc.

    poll – option 1, it's fine as you buy a ps4 version and wanted to upgrade to ps5 version.

    comment of the day – nintendo using the money to make the "switch" system stable and new coming soon games.

  4. Solachinx

    Sounds like Sony is hemorrhaging cash since they’re increasingly relying on their old properties with only one year into the new console cycle. I know the reasons: COVID 19, long dev times, etc. However, the end result is still going to be pissed off players, especially when Xbox at least has a huge selection of games to play on their console via Game Pass. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Sony is puffing their success with the high sales numbers of the Ps5 hardware in order to keep people from asking about software numbers.

  5. earl cope

    No Nintendo is not going to tell you anything what they're doing their money for they're probably just using their money for nothing they're just a bunch of how do I put this greedy little people that don't know how to do anything right they're like Sony and I like Xbox they're just greedy people that don't want to do anything right with anybody's money I just want to suck all your money away from you and then tell you screwed you over and then told him well too bad

  6. earl cope

    So I don't want to do an upgrade a director's cut to something that's they should have went ahead and released it already why am I able to pay extra for all this stuff and I just should have just released it all in one big bundle and not have to constantly do that I mean after that question people will like that

  7. timmbig

    Between analog controls, rumble(dual shock), making a quirky design for their console and now their pricing policy, what would Sony do if Nintendo didn't exist?

  8. Snake of Rivia

    I don't give a shit about true 4K, control gimmicks on a melee focused combat game that's only gonna use haptic for the bow and maybe the wind mechanics. 10 bucks for that is not worth it. Let me buy the dam Dlc on its own for ps5.

  9. Brent.2017

    I'm an Xbox fan but the catering to pc users is a huge mistake by both companies. Especially giving them exclusives. Let alone the fact that most PC games are pirated.

  10. Akumu1426

    why is the price a big thing? if you bought ghost of tsushima day 1 and want to upgrade to the to DC on ps5 its gonna cost another 30 bringing the game to a total of 90$ at least.. what I want know is why none of you are talking about that?

  11. ViolinChick5

    Jfc these game sizes are ridiculous and day one patches SUCK. I don’t care that “this is how things are going”. It shouldn’t be, and unless consumers put their foot down, companies are gonna keep shipping out half finished games and charging full price.

  12. Daga

    I think for the most part games will be the same size. The PS5 has native compression that helps and of course you don't have to store files multiple times, but we also have much bigger 4K textures to handle. Also something we learned in Digital Foundry's interview with Insomniac the PS4 HDD was so slow that it was beneficial to do some extra compression because it was net faster to load compressed files and decompress them just in time. With new SSD speeds decompressing files just in time made it load slower so they've stopped doing that extra compression. So I think for games that optimized size already they're going to be about the same size on PS5 as they were on the PS4. For CoD where they're shitting out a new game every year and don't have time to optimize it's probably just going to get bigger.

  13. Steven Bryan

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I am so damn tired of the topic of game pricing. Nobody wants to pay more for games, we can all agree on that. However, it ain't changin'. Can we just drop it and move on please?

  14. TechGamer 2001

    Nixxes has had a pretty rough history of porting games to PC though here's hoping they actually do a good job for Sony as Avengers came out broken like a piece of crap that it was and they have been inconsistent with their previous results.

  15. Roberto Perez Jr.

    Am I understanding this correctly? If I bought Ghost of Tsushima on the PS4 and I want to play the director's cut I need to pay $20 more? And If I wanted to upgrade that to my PS5 I would pay another $10? Sooo, if I wanted to play it on my PS5 I could be paying $90 for the game? Or if I want to play the director's cut on my PS4 I will have paid $80 total? I'm confused.

  16. Johno Daz

    Hey Jon(SW).

    17.3gb for Deathloop is tiny File Size.

    Dead Space Coming Back would be tremendous stuff.

    That is disappointing we can see a sneek peak of Mass Effect and or Dragon Age at EA Plays.

    I am so excited for this Ghost Story Expansion. I would have loved too have Played Ghost on the PS5 but without having a PS5 at the mo, I am stuck with the PS4 version. That extra 10 Bucks for an Upgrade too the PS5 versions is not cool.

    I would like too see what Kojima-san can come up with on the Microsoft systems.

    It'll be very interesting too see what this Sony x Nixxes team up can do with PC Ports.

    Sad too see the PSP Store has Finally Closed but it's had a good run tho, still being able too Buy PSP Content on the PS3 and PSVita is good News.

    Good Poll, yh I am in the No Camp lol.

    Hehe good Comment, Nintendo always keeps everything close too their chest.

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