$80 DJi Mavic Pro – Chinese CLONE Review

It’s a FAKE DJi Mavic Pro drone but it looks insanely real! $80 DJI Mavic Pro – Chinese CLONE Review ►►►

My website:
Eachine e58:


►►► What i use:
Olympus OM-D:
Rayban Clubmaster:
Honor 9:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Evoc 26l:


►►► Cameras:
Olympus OM-D:
Wide Angle:
Fish Eye:
GoPro Hero 5:

►►► Accessoires:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Video Mic:

45 Replies to “$80 DJi Mavic Pro – Chinese CLONE Review”

  1. Farvi100

    I also have that drone. It counts as a toy, which you could buy for under 50 €. There has to be no wind, or really low wind to let it fly. But when you can, you can defenitly have some fun with it. It takes some experience, to let it fly as you want. Even if it looks like a mavic. Compare it to my mavic 2 is stupid. As you dont compare a bobby car to a real car.

  2. 野生地图鱼

    Yaaaaaa man,you’re right! An amazing Chinese copy of the famous CHINESE DJI (DaJiang Innovation) brand. We Chinese always deliver the best service while saving you some money, nice ain’t , lol ???

  3. Vincent Churchill

    Ok…second video of yours I have watched…also the last. You are an absolute MINE of useless babble and comments. Suggestion..If I may? How about practicing what you would like to say/shoot and then stay on target. Might not be a bad idea to actually practice flights before you video it. I'm sure your intentions are good..but the result sux. Good luck!
    Here's a video that you might want to study and see how it SHOULD be done https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k17KdZdIyEw

  4. Tom's Games T

    I recive a broken eashine e58 that alwais drift left. Broken control. E58 is a good toy that cost araund 35$ and i bought a broken drone with 100$ in a shiny new package and good name. Scam dont buy it!

  5. Rick Deleon

    I just bought DRONE X PRO exactly same copy $99.- copy of another copy from another brand…from another copy from another…and son on…exactly the same size and features. Bad …bad bad!!!!! Thanks for your advice.

  6. max b

    This dron is bullshit.
    It does not operate the Photo and Video button on the remote control.
    So there is no recording without a cell phone. Wifi bad.
    Max up to 30m. Connection is interrupted. You do not know whether to record or not to microSD.
    There are problems with very little wind. Wind it distracts and can not recover it, he does not have enough power.
    Max flight is 6 min.
    I even put wifi 3dBi aerial drone on and control and slightly increased the range of 30 m but only for flight.
    The camera already has such an antenna

  7. Bullski123

    Sure its cheap and as hell,but for a beginner like me its a good start,if i decide to invest in a little bigger and better one later…Its good for basic flying,and not much more…so dont believe everything you see on the drone x intro video…

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