8 FAILED Video Game Consoles That Never Made it to America

DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THESE 8 RARE INTERNATIONAL CONSOLES? While North America has plenty of great game exclusives, Japan is the true capital of video games and has had many consoles released over the years.

This is TheGamer’s list of 8 Game consoles that never made it to America.

What console do you wish you could try out? Let us know in the comments section below!


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America often gets a lot of the big game console releases, but through the years, there have been multiple times where a console was released exclusively in another country and never made it stateside. A majority of these consoles weren’t very popular while others were just precursors to some of our favorite consoles of all-time.

One of Nintendo’s first ever home consoles was released in Japan and known as the Nintendo Color TV-Game 6. It features one game with multiple variations of the game and was essentially a version of Pong. Casio released a console in Japan catered exclusively to girls. The design was female oriented along with the games and special features. The Bandai Playdia was a home console filled with educational games and released exclusively to Japan. The Amstrad GX4000 was Britain’s answer to the console wars, but it failed miserably due to cheaper computer games at the time. The FM Towns Marty was able to play Cd-Rom games, but lacked the graphics capabilities that made the Playstation a huge hit. The NEC PC-FX has a great look and controller but failed to capitalize on the games and never took off like it should have. Sega’s first console was the SG-1000 and has many differences from the Sega Master System and Sega Genesis we grew to know and love. The Game Boy faced international competition in the form of the Bandai Wonderswan, but the portable console came out just a little too late to make a big impact. Watch to see all 8 consoles that never made it to America!


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20 Replies to “8 FAILED Video Game Consoles That Never Made it to America”

  1. Spectrum

    Nintendo Colour-TV Game (1977 – 1980): Nintendo's Atari
    Casio Loopy (1995): A "Girly" console with only one port, plus a sticker printer
    Bandai Playdia (1994 – 1996): Only had choose-your-own-adventure titles
    Amstrad GX4000 (1990): A British Genesis knockoff that plays old PC titles
    Fujitsu FM Towns Marty (1989 – 1995): The most innovative console of the 80s. It's like the PlayStation, but with a ridiculous name and $700 price-tag, equivalent to $1,462 now
    Hudson Soft NEC PC-FX (1994 – 1998): Hudson Soft's 32-bit game console, which can also play anime and Kodak picture CD roms. It's backwards compatable with TurboGrafx-16 games too
    SEGA SG-1000 (1983 – 1987): SEGA's original console, basically the Famicom with a joystick
    Bandai Wonderswan (1997 – 2002): Gunpei Yokoi's final console before his death, created as revenge for the Watara Supervision. It played games vertically AND horizontally, but failed due to the GBA's success.

  2. nintendians

    1. those are early times, but help make the nes.
    2. sounds cool.
    3. sound like some of the sega cd games and sega cd console does.
    4. it look a nes rip off.
    5. like #2.
    6. looks good but too late when 3d gaming hit.
    7. look like the classic atari.
    8. kind of reminds me of those tiger electronic pocket games.

    my favorite console of all time is the n64.

  3. StarwarsSammler

    The rarest Game Console of the World with cool Story is the BSS01 ( RFT TV Spiel Bildschirmspiel 01 ) of the East Germany Communist Party in 1979. Were Produzed 988 Pieces ! ! ! ! Today Worldwide 200 Pieces ! ! ! !
    Variants of the 988 BSS01
    800 Pieces Black Today 160 Wordwide ! ! ! !
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    Secret Communist Agents smuggles the American Chip to East Germany

  4. Simon

    title:8 FAILED Video Game Consoles That Never Made it to America

    video: number 8 is color tv game which sold 3 million units and was a commercial hit

  5. Lee Temple

    Little knob cheese taking the piss out of england . Your reviews are stupid 😂 you need to work on yourself before disrespecting a whole country. I imagine some of your subscribers are English you silly little pleb tut tut

  6. JP Sulley

    You forgot the Commodore Amiga CD 32 which only got a release in Europe and Canada, but since production and sales were too expensive it never gotten a US release, which doesn’t surprise me cause it’s one of the worst systems out there!

  7. Kafke

    As a girl: The casio loopy is amazing. Too bad we didn't get that here in the US. It was way ahead of it's time. Also FM towns and NEC PC-FX ain't failures lol. JP-exclusive =/= failure. SG-1000 was a decent success to warrant more sega consoles lmao.

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