62kWh Nissan Leaf Review And Range Test

This week James and I have been driving the latest 62 kWh Nissan Leaf, giving a plus 200 mile range in real world conditions this should be an outright winner. However, this range increase comes at a cost, almost 6k more than it’s predecessor, not cheap. So, is it worth the upgrade or not, join us to find out!!!

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  1. Matt’s Creative Life

    Good review James! Any thoughts if you think there will be a Third generation of the Leaf coming out? For sure it would be European sold but I would think this car is canceled in the US. Not sold everywhere and they are tanking in the sales dept….Maybe because people had previous Gen ones in a hot climate and got burned in the battery dept?

  2. Pertti Lagerkrantz

    Yesterday i bought my first brand new ev. Nissan leaf 62+tekna. Too bad i have to wait estimate 100-200 days because options what i pick. Here in Finland price was 41.900€ including pearl color etc.

  3. superministry

    I don't know how I got here, but it seems like people with EVs are suffering the car and lack of infrastructure and paying too much of their hard earned money. I got hybrid corolla, very quiet, spacious, inexpensive to run, so far very happy.

  4. Rob Pollock

    You missed a point regarding road tax when you suggested an alternative to the Leaf, Although the retail of that alternative comes in at less than £40k, some of the upgrades push it over that threshold and into the 'luxury car' tax bracket, and you can end up paying more in road tax than I'm paying for my old gas-guzzling X5, which is plain wrong imho. I've just bought a high mileage 24kw Leaf (from Chorley Nissan), still has 87% battery and 80 mile range but only if I keep the speed down to 60mph or below.

  5. Andrew Gage

    If I were able to afford an electric vehicle, distance would be a major consideration as I commute, my days journey consists of mainly motorway miles, my daily journey is approximately 74 miles both ways, there's no charging points between home and work, plus I sometimes only have 9 hours off between shifts, so the battery may not be even 80% charged for days at a time, sometimes the vehicle may remain unused for days if I'm stuck out, so I need a vehicle that would be able to withstand this type of use

  6. Lewis the EV medic

    I thought exactly this, i tested the leaf one week then the model 3 the week after. Same price – almost and yet the driving experience and interior and luxury feel of the Tesla blew it out of the water. That said, the model 3 battery is only 40kwh usable, and it if you compare the real world distance data on the EV database, rather than the manufacturers claimed range – the leaf does go further.

  7. pioneer7777777

    In the US version there is a power driver's seat, even on 2019. So that's nice. I also got an insane deal on mine. $23k USD for a new SL + after incentives. Also, I think the suspension is quite good in the Plus.

  8. Simon Lambert

    Until the Leaf offers thermal battery management, I don't see it being of worthy consideration as a long-term ownership proposition. I don't understand why they won't do this when all their competitors seem to appreciate it's importance for battery longevity and charging speeds

  9. retrodog63

    I bought a 40 SV last year (2019 model), with the tech package and weather package. I love the Pro Pilot assist. My 2016 Chevy Volt is a great car, but its cruise control ping-pongs back and forth excessively. But still a great smooth car. The new leaf replaced a 2015 S and the difference is amazing. Really like the upgrade. I've put almost 7,000 miles on it and like pretty much everything except for the center console wings that my knee is against all the time. I had to put a pad on that. Considering cutting it out of the console to get more lateral leg space. Other than that, it's probably the most perfect commuter car for work and around town. And the hauling capacity is both bigger and easier to use than any of the other competitors that I've seen.

  10. Peter Traveller

    Leaf 62kwh is not a bad car, but price is too high, 2020 Zoe is good choice about 10.000 euros cheaper. When you don't have much money, 10.000 is big deal. Leaf can be little bit bigger than Zoe, but money is more important than size. Also Zoe's 22kw AC charging is much better.

  11. Leaf Lover96

    It’s the price of the new Leaf that’s crazy. I looked at the 2020 Leaf here in the US and it was priced at $44,000. Way too much for a simple car. I paid only $17,000 for a barely used 2015 Leaf. I just use it around town and plug it in my garage. Easiest car I’ve ever owned. Not snazzy like a Tesla but it runs fine at little cost.

  12. Martin Cornish

    Don't understand your 70mph speed comment my 40kw leaf cruises effortlessly at this speed and as for crashing noisely over bumps ? Can't say I've noticed that. Am I missing something here?

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