6 Unbelievable Ways Drones Can Save Lives

Have you ever heard of a drone that drops bombs to save lives?……….

Links & Sources
UAE Drones For Good Award

Ambulance Drone

Project Wing
Altura Zenith
Mountain Drones
Little Ripper


Wade Hutson – consciousconsideration@outlook.com

Ty Rushing –

Robert Jackton

32 Replies to “6 Unbelievable Ways Drones Can Save Lives”

  1. GRAdvisers

    One of the rare occasions that I've heard that drones are not being used for sinister missions. It's either dropping off bombs, or carrying out reconnaissance missions here or there, etc. Now, they are being used as a force for delivering real goods. This makes my day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Phil Andrawis

    how do you get past the federal regulation of not to drop anything in flight that was implemented by people who only see the bad side of things — and pass laws without thinking making it a retard for good use and good intention —- their worries About drug trafficking and dropping explosives – over exceeds the life-saving potentials that are there —- /////////////????? back to limbo limbo

  3. Joe H.S

    This is what people should focus on about the potential of milti rotors. There a platform basically. You can use them for anything really. Good or bad. Hopefully you pick good. If you pick bad, you should be punished and not the technology itself.

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