6 Good Uses for Android TV Boxes NOT including Kodi

Hi, this video shows you some alternative uses apart from Kodi for Android TV boxes. Kodi is very popular with users when using the Android TV box but they have loads of others useful features and I have featured 6 of them that I like in this video. (see below for the time of each feature)
The TV box in the video is:
Useful Feature No.1: 2:36 mins – Make your old TV smart.
Useful Feature No.2: 4:33 mins – Screen Mirroring & Airplay.
Useful Feature No.3: 10:06 mins – TeamViewer.
Useful Feature No.4: 14:20 mins – Music Streaming.
Useful Feature No.5: 17:06 mins – Gaming.
Useful Feature No.6: 29:25 mins – Web Browser.
Many thanks Vince

41 Replies to “6 Good Uses for Android TV Boxes NOT including Kodi”

  1. onehappynegro

    mind you if you bother with your own security these are rarely updated so it can be easily hacked if it's connected to the internet.
    nvidia shield does get regular updates and fixes. wouldn't use teamviewer on an obsolete android that isn't upgraded.

  2. Cristian Chacon TR

    I have watched so many of your videos and I think they are all very well put together. I have been wanting to make videos just like Unbox Therapy, and I've also wanted to make videos on how to repair products so now i want to become like you as well. Your videos are great.

  3. nastysdsi

    To get Netflix, I recommend getting the plugin for Kodi. If you use an APK on an "unapproved" Android box, the resolution and quality may be limited. The Netflix plugin for Kodi supports up to 4k on Android.
    (you still need a subscription, of course. This is not Popcorn Time…)

  4. Yardi Flex

    good day Vince I got a question for you I got a dolamee tv box it was running a bit slow I factory reset it the next thing I kno I got a black screen with a message unfortunately system UI has stopped. Can u tell me how to fix it

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