6 days of research on Nikola Semi VS Tesla Semi | NKLA Nikola Motors Stock | Tesla Stock

Plenty of requesting for me to talk about Nikola Motors Stock. Nikola Motors claims to be an energy company, mainly Hydrogen. We will talk in details on the cost. In the past few days, Nikola Motors stock has risen so much and we take a deep look into Nikola Motors. Nikola Motors also claims to be Tesla closest competition. In this video, we do a head to head comparison of the Nikola Semi Vs Tesla Semi.

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23 Replies to “6 days of research on Nikola Semi VS Tesla Semi | NKLA Nikola Motors Stock | Tesla Stock”

  1. Thomas Cheng

    ​ @Chicken Genius Singapore Maybe factor in the cost of battery recycling and environmental impact of mining. It seems everyone is not including those figures for long term life of a truck. Recycling a Tesla battery doesn't seem to be cost effective. Replacing the battery also doesn't seem cost effect either. Weight is a big issue too. Winter weather is another issue. Where as Hydrogen doesn't have those factors as much. Another factor is scaling hydrogen for different industry – heating homes, powering boats, airplanes, and electrical long term storage. Electricity for heat is terribly inefficient.

  2. Tyler Dunford

    Great video. You researched this very extensively. However, have you considered that weight is extremely important for class 8 semi trucks? The maximum weight for a class 8 semi is 80,000 pounds. Given that batteries weigh more than Hydrogen, typically 5,000-10,000 pounds more, have you considered that a BEV won't be able to transport as much cargo? That could be a huge game changer that you haven't considered.

  3. Mark Jaidii

    Nikola's claims about their battery technology are completely made up. The science community doesn't believe them, Nikola CEO has sold tens of millions of shares before revealing this amazing technology (cause it doesn't exist, it's just used to pump the share price). Nikola has no production and no actual road tests on their trucks or any other kind of formal testing. Just mock-up models and cool drawings on all sorts of vehicles. That's all they have.
    But hey, maybe tomorrow they open pre-orders for hydrogen helicopter. Based on cool images some artist has created. The helicopter has longest range and goes supersonic speed. The helicopter is available maybe 2025 or maybe not, delays could occur. But you can buy the stock now!!

  4. Steven Law

    Awesome research! However, I am still puzzle by Musk's action urging his company “to go all out” on the production of the Tesla Semi when he heard about NKLA. Why would he make such an imperative step for a company that will worth $0? Hard to ignore Musk's decision. I been searching for the answer but no luck so far. My best guess is he may has a 'secret weapon' to be announced in the battery day.

  5. Eclipse Now

    I love your work! You've done some great work to calculate the cost per distance. Now to truly compare you need to compare the cost per freight carried distance. That Tesla battery cuts into the Tesla truck carrying capacity by one third! If the Nikola is lighter, it can carry more and make more profits per trip or per distance. You can't just compare the capital + fuel cost per distance: you have to compare the capital + fuel cost per freight miles: how much cargo was carried. Because that's also really going to eat into a Tesla owner's profits. Cargo carried miles, not just miles. Cheers!

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