5G Introduction (LG V50 ThinQ & LG Dual Screen)

The forerunner of the 5G era is here! The #LGV50ThinQ’s polished design and remarkable features will show you the limitless possibilities of 5G!

*Release date, specs, and back cover logo of the LG V50 ThinQ may vary according to the country.

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28 Replies to “5G Introduction (LG V50 ThinQ & LG Dual Screen)”

  1. Khash-Erdene Ganbat

    I gotta say, I have been using LG V50S ThinQ model for 2 months now, it has made my life much more colorful <3 Never in my wildest dream, I thought I could get my hands on such wild beast tho…

    P.S. Holy shit, I feel like a lil kid who got his Christmas wish fulfilled by Santa every goddamn day xD

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