"5G, Huawei and the Threat of China’s Digital Imperialism"

On June 6th, the Center co-hosted a panel at the Museum of the Biblical Arts with author and Fox News contributor Gordon Chang, the host of “Economic War Room with Kevin Freeman” Kevin Freeman, and strategic technology incubator Andrew Whitney to discuss who will control the fifth-generation (5G) wireless domain.

29 Replies to “"5G, Huawei and the Threat of China’s Digital Imperialism"”

  1. Steven Liu

    Way to keep these elder ladies awake at night! oooo spooky commies come to get yall! oh no! my toaster is turning into a communist war machine! LOL, btw: 章分局工作辛苦,组织上送来慰问。

  2. Vic toews

    America thinks it's free because  you can change the government.  In China they can't change the government,  if you want policy changes you either organize a peaceful public display about what needs changing or join the Communist party to effect change from within. We in the west must stop being so hypocritical, changing our government changes nothing. The bombing and sanctions must go on, someone controls that but it sure isn't the voters. Democrats, Republican,  there is no difference they all serve the master, which is corporate greed, voters have no say in foreign policy,  if they did, America would not be in a constant state of war. Demonize,  Sanction  then bomb, have you ever seen a president elected on that platform? Of course not, yet they all do it. Why, because they are not in control,  corporate greed is. We in the west must start understanding that other systems work as well and perhaps better than ours. We meddle in the affairs of virtually every country in the world, not for democracy but for corprate greed. I have seen more freedom in single party countries than I have seen on the streets of America.

  3. Danniel Zhong

    One thing about intellectual properties I hope you can solve first is that for American TVs and movies Chinese in China can watch them online now for free. However I in the US have to pay a certain amount of to watch them. This has been going on for decades.

  4. Kevin T

    Those on stage are just a bunch of radicals or extremists who offer little values to public, and they should have been banned from misleading the general population. 👎

  5. Gedaojie Geng






  6. LFI INC

    This is very eye opening. Top Chinese analysts in the pentagon think China is not a threat to the United States and the free world. I wonder if those analysts still have their jobs.

  7. LIBERTY for humanity

    CHINESE GOVERNMENT is starting fires all over the world against USA and they are using MEXICO as a trupolinng FOR TONS and TONS of drugs and chemicals to make hundreds and hundreds of thousands of all kinds of drugs. CHINESE are the BIGGEST drug dealers all around the world specially in Mexico.

  8. LIBERTY for humanity

    No matter what USA should get out 100%OF China inmediatle no single supply chain from China, ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CANCER corrupt communist Xi Jinping and 100%OF Hollywood and 100percent of Democrats and communist party leaders.

  9. LIBERTY for humanity

    Remember that mr.GOD Xi Jinping and 100%OF communist corrupt CANCER CHINESE GOVERNMENT propaganda machine is spreading all over the world buying and corrupting countries and politicians and businesses and land and people and China always DENIES anything about wrong doing or anything else, MEXICO if fallout in China TRAMP is going to be very very problematic FOR usa,also Canada and all the countries in the American continent are going to be very very problematic but specially MEXICO so do not allow MEXICO to be one of many colonies of China.

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