52Kwh Nissan Leaf Extrender Battery Pt2

this is Pt2 in a video series, In this video I show my mistake I made in PT1

this guy helped me a lot! please visit his channel

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  1. Jo Blow

    A rear end impact could punch that battery pack through your children, start arcing and set the car on fire. A front impact can set that battery that has nothing securing it to the cars body but only the two fold down back seats! hurtling towards the front windows with only seats and passengers trying to stop that from happening. And your response! Its dangerous to store gas cans in your car. Yikes!

  2. Jo Blow

    WOW! this doesn't look like the hill billy stupidest idea, not like anybody can turn themself into instant burnt toast if they go to the boot or in an accident wont be wearing that battey pack as a hat. Better idea, install a tow hitch and add a trailer with a generator on the back, maybe bolt some wind turbines to the roof as well.

  3. mikeselectricstuff

    Connecting external cables prior to the contactors is pretty stupid. Any damage to those cables ( e.g. in a crash) and the whole thing will turn into an arc welder with no way to isolate it – if you're lucky the pack fuse might blow, if not then it's going to arc away until the whole car is melted and on fire.


    Low mileage is not a Nissan LEAF'problem. It's owner's problem. Buy new modules and have fun driving, without any Webasto heaters and twinbats in the trunk. Now I have real same as original modules for upgrade. Not original module , but same as nissan's, is avaible now! 24/30/40kwh

  5. General Smedley Butler

    I hope you remembered to toss in a hand full of desiccant packs before you closed and sealed the battery case. Looks like you live in a place that sees considerable temperature swings. With nearly 400V inside it wouldn't take but a little condensation to undo a lot of hard work and ruin your day.

  6. Daniel Öster

    Three things
    1. You could improve the instrumentation by adding a CAN-bridge to add more GIDS onto the CAN-bus https://github.com/dalathegreat/Nissan-Leaf-Bruteforce-Upgrade/
    2. You need a better safer way to tie down the battery in the trunk. In the event of a collision, ratchet straps aren't gonna cut it, wouldn't want to put your family in danger!
    3. The code might be due to insulation resistance. If you modify the HV harness the car might pick up on something not being right.

  7. Musk-eteer

    I'm still holding on the to my 2011 leaf. Nissan replace the battery 3yrs ago at 48k miles. the new "lizzard" battery handle the hot weather well, so far only lost one bar.

  8. Tibor Kiss

    Great work! What happens when the car display shows 0 miles, but you still have power due to the added batteries? Will it cause any other issues? Or it is just that the remaining distance indication goes down lower, but under 100-150 km it shows the "correct" remaining distance?

  9. ratgreen

    Awesome. So the ionic batteries are just just parallel on the 0v and 400v connections to the leafs? but not the intermediates between cells ? Are you going to run a seperate BMS for the ionic batteries ?

  10. TheKilog69

    Very ambitious project very cool. Question what happens to those batteries in the trunk should somebody rear end your car are they fused do they disconnect or will something bad happen?

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