5 Ways to Screen Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV (No Apple TV Required)

Learn the 5 best ways to screen mirror your iphone to any Samsung tv completely wirelessly and easy.

Method#1 :
Method#2 :

More about Screen Mirroring :
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50 Replies to “5 Ways to Screen Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV (No Apple TV Required)”


    You need to work on your camera recording skills. This explanation does not makes sense for us visual learners. Also, when you say "you don't what's that called", how is that supposed to help me?Thanks for trying anyways! Thumbs down from me 🙂

  2. Jochebed Koomson

    Excuse me ☝🏽 your title says how to mirror iPhone to Samsung tv but when it came to #4 which is more important you were blabbing about watching another video and then you used your android phone to mirror to your tv and you even mentioned android. Am I blend or deaf here!

  3. Savage 44

    The person who made this you’re a bitch and fuck u u were no help u didint help for shit liar piece of shit and fuck Samsung too I have a series 6 and can’t cast a simple app fucking worthless fucking tv I can’t fucking use fuck u Samsung

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