Geared more towards the new Spark owner, here are 5 things you may not know about this amazing little drone. Topics covered are emergency shutoff, OTG cable, launching from and landing in your hand and much more. And hey, there may even be something in there for the Spark veterans as well. Have a watch and see how many you know.

The OTG cable I use –

Favourite Spark Accessories
DJI Spark Gimbal Cover –
Spark Skin –
DJI Spark Remote –
DJI Spark batteries –
Colourful Anbee propellers –

Epic-logue – Joe Bagale – YouTube Audio Library

My Gear:
The “heavy hauler” camera bag –
The “flexible & functional” camera bag –
The drone –
My big SLR camera –
Main on-the-go video shooter –
The wide Canon lens –
Favourite small video camera –
My lavalier microphone –
The big microphone –
The audio recorder –
Favorite action camera –
My smartphone gimbal –
Current GoPro gimbal –
The travel tripod –
My go-anywhere tripod –
Favourite SD/CF card reader –
My go-to mobile battery –
Smartphone – iPhone 8

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30 Replies to “5 THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW | DJI Spark”

  1. Adrian Mateo Drones

    Nice video Sir. Nicely done and good job. Thanks for all the information and updates. I greatly appreciate it. I am definitely going to buy the Dji Spark. 👍👍👍👨‍✈️👨‍✈️👨‍✈️✌️✌️✌️🚁🚁🚁💯💯💯. I just subscribe to your channel and would appreciate it if you subscribe to my YouTube channel as well. Thanks for all you do and please keep flying.

  2. vVPho3niXVv

    Palm launch and landing…you must have the hand prop guards…this thing will destroy your fingers if not properly handled…never ever use the grab and turn 90 degrees technique…that is a crash safety feature not a landing feature!

  3. knichh

    Hey Steve, thx for the video. When I plug in my OTG cable, it charges my phone for 1-2 seconds then my phone no longer recognizes it. Do I still have a connection being made from controller to remote, or must I physically be able to see my phone charging to know the connection is being made?

  4. purple thartz

    Can you please help me with regards to firmware and dji go app version.. keep hearing that the new version is giving problems flying. What is the safe version and firmware for flying. Tha k you

  5. Jeremy Hoffman

    My finding recently was that the OTG cable actually caused my pixel 2 to drain faster. Maybe since the last app update it will be fixed. Im not holding my breath. I bought the cable for just as you suggest to have rock solid connection.

  6. Daniel Eremin

    There is actually a better way to launch the Spark from your hand:
    1. turn on the drone.
    2. wait till it connects.
    3. then make sure the camera is pointing towards your face and press the button on the battery 2 time quickly then wait for the propellers to start wait so they start spinning fast enough then let go and that's it.
    Note: the drone will automatically be in gesture mode if you use this type of Palmlaunch.

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