5 Things I Dislike About My Tesla Model 3

There are 5 things I’m not so thrilled about with my Tesla Model 3. What are they? Why do I dislike them?

From i1Tesla:
Automatic Frunk Lift Installation –
Auto Frunk Lift 5 Months Later –
Automatic Trunk Lift Installation –

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Products I use in my Tesla Model 3:
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iBuddy Dog Backseat Cover –
Sun Shade (size XXL):
Qi Wireless Charging Pads: (Video here:
Scent Wedge Air Freshener:
Drop Lock:

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24 Replies to “5 Things I Dislike About My Tesla Model 3”

  1. Don Duran

    add a touch button to open the glove compartment while driving – and not have to look at
    the screen for glovebox control to get my sun glasses , also
    the bright sun often makes it hard to see your phone screen and read the two steps to open trunk and load the groceries which are to large to use the frunk

  2. Greg Hudson

    I agree with your suggestion Tesla should go back to manual door handles, but I go one further and say the same for the exterior handles too. Also I don't like the fact there are no grab handles above the doors and no HUD in front of the driver (even a Kona EV has that!)

  3. Yumpin Yiminy

    There is only 1 supercharger near Rochester NY. Actually not close to the city but close to the Thruway.
    There are also no showrooms.
    3rd: Batteries hate the cold and you will never get good range in the winter.
    What is the warranty on the batteries life span?

  4. Dave Pino

    Sounds to me like the time needed to pause and charge your car, could also be shared use to meditate, or exercise, read, do homework, eat, get a tan, etc. seems like a nice forced lifestyle change to be forced to take a moment.

  5. Julia Pigworthy

    I just want a normal manually-operated car with Tesla-equivalent electric powertrain and range/charging capabilities.
    I don't want anything superfluous that tries to reinvent the wheel like electronic door handles, or an electronic handbrake, or digital gauges, or massive smart screens, nor do I want any onboard Johnnycab autopilot capabilities regardless of any reassurances about having the power to prevent it being turned on.. I just want a no-frills EV with about 300+ miles/charge and a 30 minutes plug in to recharge to 80-85% on long trips, with no physical interface for use by software to ever turn the wheel or alter the speed of the vehicle.
    All I want is a low-tech electric car, with a brake pedal, a 'juice' pedal, a steering wheel, and a physical handbrake. A dashboard with physical gauges. Physical levers to indicate, use the wipers, flash the headlights. Zero autopilot software.

    A long-range DeLorean with electric drive would be top banana for me.

  6. Daniel Lantos

    For that price, I would get a nice Mercedes C63 AMG. More fun more reliable. The most I would go is a hybrid from Toyota. And have money to travel all over Europe. The tech is not there yet. When it will be more affordable probably I will buy it

  7. Stan SPb

    These are reasonable person dislikes. I think the seat issue is the most important. Having seats that fit our own preferrences really changes the driving experience. I mostly had sports and GTs when I used to be a car nut before moving to a country where public transportation was so good and cheap. The cost of installing custom seats in a sports car is really an investment. I put up with uncomfortable seats just twice in my many cars over a long car nut phase and most were old classic Italian GTs obiously designed for shorter drivers.
    The only car I would consider buying is a Tesla if I buy another but I would have a problem with charging since I live in a city center apartment in a large city in which I have only seen 2 Teslas in two years, an S and am X. When I visit back home in the San Francisco bay area, they are as common as F-150 pickups in midwest.
    There are some rebuilders who buy and part out or rebuild Teslas so the seat mounts are probably the same on the newer versions. You might want to replace the seats with used later model versions.
    The inset mirror location would bug me also but the rest of the list would be fine with me. In fact the slow charging would not be a problem because I am so happy using the excellent cheap subway system nd only use the car for driving for driving sake and not as a daily necessity so a home charger would be fine.
    Enjoy your 3!

  8. Pfan12000

    Very fair criticisms and you are certainly entitled to your opinions and personal preferences. Maybe after spending $62,000 you might consider spending another extra $10,000 and buy a Porsche base model Taycan next time you decided to upgrade!

  9. PrimiusLovin

    These are mostly non-big-issues for me… automatic trunk lift? In such a lightweight trunk? Are we getting that lazy? It's a heavier mechanism, and I hope Tesla doesn't start to add much more stuff to the Model 3 making it much heavier and even more expensive!
    The battery recharging time is a non-issue because that's my style of traveling anyway – drive for 3-4 hour periods; rest/visit/eat something for 30-45 minutes! But yes, it might upset some people that abhor lifestyle changes.
    The only understandable issue is that, currently, for the price, people are probably accustomed to a superior level of quality finishing in the interior, but I really like the way it looks.
    I hope you keep enjoying it… but please be careful with that type of movement 5:14! haha lol

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