5 Super Sized Drones You Can Ride – 2016 – Piloted drone

Over the past few years, some people have taken drones from small almost toy devices for carrying cameras to mini aircraft that are capable carrying a single person.

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EHang 184
The Ehang 184 created a huge buzz when it was debuted at CES 2016. They claim it is the world’s first fully autonomous helicopter drone.
The Ehang 184 is a 200Kg, eight-rotor aircraft which the company claims it is able to lift a single 100kg person, up 500 metres into the air and fly them at up to 100Kmph to any point on Google Maps, avoiding objects automatically and safely handling take-off and landing all without the need for any piloting skills from the person being carried.
The range is as far as it could fly with the 23 minutes of flight time afforded by the batteries which a recharge time of 2 hours.
Ehang is keen to point out that in the event of the drone experiencing problems, human pilots housed in a custom built “command centres” will be able to take over and guide you to safety.

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21 Replies to “5 Super Sized Drones You Can Ride – 2016 – Piloted drone”

  1. dou40006

    useless, energy intensive, polluting it will blow up tremendous amount of dust making it undesirable in mos place on planet earth, we don't need these kind of ridiculous innovation

  2. Atomicskull

    Multirotors are not as efficient as helicopters and have lower performance. Four rotors are less efficient than a single large rotor even if the overall combined span of the rotors is the same as the single large rotor. And a constant RPM rotor with collective / cyclic pitch control also provides better maneuverability and hover control in traditional helicopters than the fixed pitch rotors and RPM based control that multirotors use. The only thing multirotors really have going for them is simplicity.

  3. Xelbiuj

    If I could take a 10 min drone flight over traffic to save myself a 30 minute commute, who cares if it only has a 45min flight time?
    Imagine these replacing ubers/taxis.

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