5 Reasons to Own a PlayStation Vita in 2019 & Beyond

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Just a few days ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment officially announced that the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) has officially been discontinued , with the final units being shipped to the final retailers in the Japan / Asian regions. After 7 years on the market, the PS Vita’s life has finally come to an end worldwide.

With that being said, you may be wondering why it may be worth owning in the year 2019 and beyond, so without further ado here are the Top 5 Reasons to Own a PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) in the Year 2019 & Beyond!

Do you own a PS Vita presently? Let me know your thoughts on this little handheld that could! LONG LIVE PLAY.


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22 Replies to “5 Reasons to Own a PlayStation Vita in 2019 & Beyond”

  1. Kabal420

    I have two: bought one of the final full retail american slim version, then a used 1000 that was mailed to get "serviced." In my opinion it was the proprietary Sony stuff you had to buy, Like Sd cards. It had a good start in games then sputtered. I think it was combo of everyone's opinion in this comment section that killed the vita.

  2. fukd delux

    #1 no more new titles
    #2 buggy,laggy,crashing ports of the games u bought it 4 in the 1st place
    #3 ZERO support from Sony
    #4 1000's of Japanese Indies and playable novels on sale only $50
    #5 makes a stylish/techie paper weight

  3. demon shadow

    5 reasons to own a vita in 2019:

    1. Free vita games ty HENkaku
    2. 256gb microSD ty sd2vita adapter
    3. Emulators
    4. Ps4 remote play
    5. Access to all PSP related content

    The day Nintendo switch gets 100% hacked is the day I will buy one.

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